The first thing any company should do is research to find which recruiting agencies are prominent in the field in which they have a job opening. From there, businesses can delve into the profiles of each individual recruiting agency by checking its website or calling for a consultation. Be sure to qualify the exact recruiter who will be working on the role with you: how long have they been recruiting? Do they have industry experience in your field? Which companies have they worked with previously? It is also smart for companies looking for a recruiting agency to ask their contacts for referrals to trustworthy, dependable sources for recruitment.

Recruiting agencies can be a blessing, whether you are an employer with openings or a person that is looking for an engaging, fulfilling job. Every position is different. As is every candidate seeking employment. The best recruiting agencies are skilled enough to understand the needs of both clients and talent in their given field so that they can foster successful partnerships which benefit the recruiter, the company, and the employee.

First, TempsAhead defines the client’s needs by

  • Conducting an in-depth needs assessment
  • Developing an understanding of the company’s unique team and culture
  • Defining the what the role in question involves and what its processes are
  • Confirming all timelines and expectations
  • Detailing an ‘ideal candidate’ profile

Then we identify potential candidates by

  • Networking, researching, and attracting candidates through advertising
  • Utilizing our Talent Sourcing Team
  • Screening candidates, collating the result of assessments (both skills and workstyles), and checking references
  • Conducting in-person interviews

Then we select a shortlist of top candidates before

  • Presenting the client with the list
  • Providing scheduling support for client interviews (and the use of our offices if needed)
  • Consulting with the client to evaluate the finalists
  • Negotiating, facilitating and supporting the acceptance of the final offer

Finally, TempsAhead provides extensive follow-up support by

  • Assisting with onboarding for the new hire
  • Conducting regular performance checks
  • Evaluating candidate and client feedback for ongoing improvement
Generally, TempsAhead specializes in the following areas: Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Human Resources, Office Personnel and Customer Service. However, this list is deceptively short. TempsAhead has hired for hundreds of different job titles over the years. Please visit our specialty pages to get a fuller idea of TempsAhead’s services.
Most of TempsAhead’s placements are in the Greater Vancouver, Greater Edmonton and Greater Winnipeg areas. However, we serve many of the Western Canada’s other cities too (including Calgary, Victoria, Fort McMurray, Kelowna, Prince George, Kamloops, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Saskatoon and Regina). Please get in touch to discuss how readily we might source a candidate for a role in your remote geographical location.
Please contact a Recruitment Consultant to discuss our fee structure.
Each application we receive is carefully reviewed by one of our Recruitment Consultants. We receive hundreds of resumes each month. We simply cannot place everyone, and we may only meet with candidates whose backgrounds align with our current opportunities. If you would like to follow-up on your application, please allow at least a week before you contact a consultant.

We recommend that you continually view our website for available roles and submit for each job posting that you are suitable for. Please do not assume that just because you are in our system that you are automatically being considered for every role.

The information you provide to TempsAhead is held in the strictest of confidence. Only with consultation and your permission will TempsAhead present your resume to potential clients.

No, there is no cost to job seekers. Our recruitment services are employed by our clients and it is our job to find the best candidates in the marketplace to fit their need.
TempsAhead only works with individuals who are legally available to work in Canada. We cannot assist any job seeker who does not have a valid work permit, nor can we assist you in this process.
If a job is still posted on our website it is still available. For more information on the status of each job posting, please contact the Recruitment Consultant directly.
Recruitment Consultants prefer if you apply online and create a profile. That way they can easily your manage data and you can also use it as a tool to submit multiple applications more efficiently.
You can register with our agency by simply applying to any job through our job portal; your application and details will automatically be added to our database.

If there are no jobs that interest you on the portal, you can sign up for Job Alerts by clicking on the “Silent Follow” button on the top right of the job portal.

Because of the sheer volume of applications each position garners, the recruiter screens candidates and only proceeds with applications that are a good fit with what the client needs.
Unfortunately, TempsAhead only recruits for placements in Western Canada.
When you accept an assignment with TempsAhead, you become an employee of TempsAhead, not the company you are on assignment with.

Before you start an assignment, you’ll need to provide your Recruitment Consultant with the following:

  • Completed Federal and Provincial TD1 forms. Include: full name, address with postal code, Social Insurance Number (SIN), date of birth, total claim amounts and signature.
  • Note: Social Insurance Numbers that begin with a 9 require a work permit as issued by immigration authorities.
  • A “void” cheque or banking information for direct deposit.
  • If you are a non-resident temporary employee, a copy of your valid work permit must be provided.
Hours are submitted online at via the ‘Timesheets’ link in the top right corner.

  • You will receive an email from TempsAhead via, with your login information (check your junk folder as well as it is a system-generated email).
  • Save your password and the link.
  • Submit hours every Friday.
  • Once you submit your hours they are sent to your supervisor for approval.
  • Payroll deposits are done the following Thursday.

If you don’t have access to the portal or you are unable to submit your timesheet in time, please discuss this with your Recruitment Consultant ahead of time or contact

You will receive an automatic deposit into the bank account of your choice every Thursday. Your paystub will be electronically emailed to you every Wednesday
Please email Your username is your personal email and the payroll administrator can reset your password.
Please contact your Recruitment Consultant, not the company you are on assignment with.
As regulations regarding statutory holidays vary according to province, please check the labour standards that apply where you live. Please do not include hours for statutory holidays unless you actually worked on that day. We will make sure you are paid for that holiday based on your provincial statutory holiday pay eligibility rules.
If you need to update your personal information, such as last name, tax information, banking information or address, please email