Grow your skills and expand your opportunities.


Keep your interview skills in shape
Working as a contracted employee, you’re constantly meeting new faces and tackling new challenges.

Gain experience and build your resume through contract work
Contract work offers you the opportunity to amass a broad range of experience in a variety of industries.

Keep busy while building your resume
Temp and contract work can demonstrate to potential bosses that you’re a go-getter, not one to sit idle.

Same work, more pay
On average, contractors can expect to earn anywhere from 30 to 100 percent more than regular salaried employees.

The potential tax benefits of contract work
Temp/contract employment is for some the closest thing to being self-employed, and for the self-employed potential tax benefits and write-offs are plentiful.

Try before you buy
You can get an idea of the atmosphere of a particular company without committing to permanent employment.

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TempsAhead - Benefits of temping

Learn about yourself
Challenging yourself with a variety of situations will help you define who you are and where you want your career to go.

Control of contract length
One advantage cited by many contractors is that they’re in control of when they work – and how long they take off in between contracts.

Short notice periods = flexibility
Typical notice periods of a week contribute further to a contractor’s sense of freedom – freedom to relocate, freedom to take a vacation and flexibility to move on to a better role quickly and easily when opportunities arise.

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I used various resources when looking for a job and TempsAhead blew them all out of the water! They were constantly exceeding my expectations and proved that they truly cared about my career goals. I was never left wondering what the outcome of my interviews were, and I was able to be open and honest in how I felt about the opportunities presented to me.

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