Have you considered a career in recruitment?

As Recruitment Consultants, we partner with organizations who trust us to find them the best people to reach their goals. We also get to work closely with job seekers, opening doors to exciting new opportunities and guiding them through their career. If you love talking to people, building relationships and being a connector in the business community, then recruitment might just be the career for you!

Join our team TempsAhead

What’s with the drum?

If you’re wondering why we have a picture of our team drumming, it’s part of how we celebrate success!

Every time one of our Recruitment Consultants makes a placement we bang the drum to mark the occasion.

Six reasons to join our team at TempsAhead:

  1. Fun, Collaborative Culture – Our internal culture is of utmost importance. We support each other to reach professional and personal goals, celebrating all the little wins along the way.
  2. High Performance Team – We are a team of driven and achievement-focused individuals, just like yourself. As part of a team, you’ll collaborate to source quality solutions for your clients. The competition is always external, never internal.
  3. Open, Transparent Communication – In our open-concept offices we share our networks and opportunities so that we can leverage one another’s strengths as much as possible. Management communication is always as transparent as possible.
  4. Values-Based Organization – Our values-based business centres around our four pillars of Family, Health, Giving and Ethical Business.
  5. Continuous Learning Environment – We believe in providing a supportive and continuous learning environment that focuses on accountability to achieve both business and personal success. We share our best practices with each other and believe in a culture of coaching.
  6. Financially Rewarding – The compensation and benefits package we offer is competitive and comprehensive. Recruitment is a very rewarding career for those who are driven to be the best!

Available positions:

All current postings for our team can be found on The Headhunters Job Search page.

Don’t see your ideal position? We’re always on the lookout for great talent and would love to hear from you!

Please email your resume to careers@theheadhunters.ca