Tali Litvak-Kor, Talent Sourcing Specialist

Tali Litvak-Kor, Talent Sourcing Specialist


  • With extensive experience in candidate sourcing and acquisition, Tali is highly skilled at finding specialized talent
  • Tali’s impressive international recruitment skills and fluency in three languages allow her to communicate effectively with a diverse pool of candidates
  • Tali creates a supportive environment for the candidates she works with, providing valuable industry insights and connecting them to companies where they will succeed professionally

Phone: 204.515.0808
Email: tlitvak-kor@theheadhunters.ca

With over eight years of experience in recruitment and human resources positions, Tali brings keen talent sourcing expertise to find exemplary candidates for roles across a variety of industries.

Dedicated and results-driven, Tali recognizes the impact that high quality employees can have on the success of an organization and consistently sources top talent for her clients. She has successfully placed candidates in engineering, IT, manufacturing, finance, logistics and management.

Tali is passionate about helping her candidates achieve success and maximize their potential. She takes the time to engage with candidates to truly understand their skills and goals, and connect them with exciting roles that propel their careers forward.

Tali is fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew. She has a Master of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Sociology. Away from the office, Tali enjoys scuba diving, travelling with her family and volunteering at Folklorama in Winnipeg.