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A Guide to Video Interviews

Job interviews over video platforms like Skype and FaceTime have become a very common part of job hunting, as they provide the flexibility of a phone call with the benefits of meeting in person. In many ways you should treat these just like any face-to-face interview, but here are some specific tips to help you […]

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Interview Tips and Tricks that Work

Being unprepared is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to a job interview. Employers are on the lookout for well organized, informed candidates that stand out from the competition. Increase your wow-factor by following these interview tips and tricks to find yourself at the head of the pack:
Don’t get lost
This […]

Going for a Job Interview: Old School vs New School

A new year has begun! What better time to dust off those interview skills and take stock of what tactics should be applied in 2014.


Just like we did with old and new school resume writing approaches, we’ll walk through the aspects of going for a job interview and compare what traditional and modern techniques you […]

Ask A Recruiter: Top Job Interview Questions Employers Ask

A job seeker wrote in with a question about interviews –

I’m a bit curious.. As recruiters you probably conduct hundreds of interviews, so it had me thinking – are there any common interview questions that people often answer badly? I consider myself a pretty good interviewee but my recent string of rejections had me wondering […]

How to Interview like Google

How many golf balls can fit into an airplane?

How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle?

How many times a day does a clock’s hands overlap?

These are the kinds of impossible brainteasers that Google’s interview process used to be famous for. But no longer!


Laszlo Bock, Google’s Senior VP of People Operations, recently […]

Job Hunting Tips for Introverts

Between one third to half the population is introverted. Unlike extroverts, introverts draw their energy from internal resources and find interactions with other people draining. This means parts of the job hunting process, like interviewing and networking, can be uncomfortable and exhausting for an introvert. But introverts shouldn’t feel at a disadvantage in their job […]

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How To Succeed In Any Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over the phone, in a group, technical testing, intimidating interviewers, clueless bosses – it’s an unpredictable world out there for job seekers going on interviews!

But you can prepare yourself for any type of interview and interviewer with the help of this infographic put together by Interview Success Formula. They look at 5 common types of interviews […]

Ask A Recruiter: I Think I Low-Balled My Own Offer

A job seeker wrote in concerned she low-balled her own offer –

I just came out of a second interview.. with an offer. But I completely bombed the salary negotiation! My interviewer said they wanted to offer me the position and asked what salary range I was looking at. I gave him a range that I […]

Ask A Recruiter: Following Up After An Interview

A job seeker asks about following up after an interview: 

I don’t know what to think of this and whether I should follow up –

I had an interview last Wednesday for a job and it seemed to go well. It went for about 50 minutes, I had great rapport with the interviewer and I think […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Handle Gaps in Your Resume

I’m nervous about a job interview I have soon. I have an eight month gap on my resume and I just know it’s going to come up. The reason for the gap is quite involved and personal; one that I really don’t feel like explaining in great depth to an interviewer. So should I just […]

Ask A Recruiter: How should I dress for an interview?

A job seeker asks about what to wear to an interview –


I currently work in a very casual dress workplace (think jeans and a t-shirt). I’m about to interview for a more traditional ‘corporate’ workplace and not sure what to wear. What would you consider appropriate business interview attire for a woman? Should I wear […]

Questions to Ask an Interviewer

“Do you have any questions for us?”… Silence. A lone tumbleweed blows through your mind. Sound familiar?


At the end of an interview it’s standard procedure to save some time for the candidate to ask any questions he or she might have. Yet surprisingly so many hopefuls end an interview without asking a hiring manager any […]

What You Wish You’d Known Before Your Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

We love this infographic from Classes and Careers. It really hammers home the point that personal appearance and being prepared and confident are key to nailing the Perfect Interview!

33 per cent of bosses decide within the first 90 seconds if they will hire someone
Failure to smile and having no knowledge of the company are the most […]