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Winter Interviews

It won’t be much longer before autumn in the Canadian prairies will come to an inevitable blizzardy close, and we will don our down-filled parkas and woolly accessories. While we love a cozy mitten/toque/scarf set as much as the next person, continental climates pose unique challenges when it comes to job interviews in the winter months. Here [...]

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Five Answers: ‘What Would You Like To Improve About Yourself?’

Five Answers: 'What Would You Like To Improve About Yourself?' Some “stock” interview questions are relatively easy to prepare for and provide with you an opportunity to highlight your value as an employee. Nevertheless, as an interviewee, you should also be prepared for those stock questions that trip-up even the most qualified candidates. “What would [...]

Is Your Hiring Process a Turn-Off?  

We often compare the recruitment process to dating. Two parties, testing the waters, seeing if they should commit to something more long-term. But what happens when things turn sour? The dream date, your favourite candidate, decides to take themselves out of the running. What did you do wrong? Why did they ditch you when you [...]

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Interview Tips and Tricks that Work

Being unprepared is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to a job interview. Employers are on the lookout for well organized, informed candidates that stand out from the competition. Increase your wow-factor by following these interview tips and tricks to find yourself at the head of the pack: Don’t get [...]

How to Interview like Google

How many golf balls can fit into an airplane? How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle? How many times a day does a clock’s hands overlap? These are the kinds of impossible brainteasers that Google’s interview process used to be famous for. But no longer!   Laszlo Bock, Google’s Senior [...]

Questions to Ask an Interviewer

"Do you have any questions for us?"... Silence. A lone tumbleweed blows through your mind. Sound familiar?   At the end of an interview it’s standard procedure to save some time for the candidate to ask any questions he or she might have. Yet surprisingly so many hopefuls end an interview without asking a hiring [...]

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Ask For The Job

At the end of an interview, most candidates ask “what’s the next step?” - great question. But if you’re really interested, why wouldn’t you ask for the job?   “Dave, thank you so much for your time to today. I have to tell you I’m so excited about your opportunity and I would love if [...]

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The Four Parts of an Interview

Learning proper interviewer techniques should be vital to your recruitment strategy. Having untrained interviewers can cost you reliable information and insights and lead to bad hiring decisions further down the track. The flip side is candidates rightly see interviews as a chance for them to assess an organization and a bad interview experience can cost [...]

Free Workshop: How To Get Hired

HOW TO GET HIRED: FREE JOB SEEKER WORKSHOP, EDMONTON Want to know how to stand out from hundreds of resumes? Ever get tongue-tied during an interview? We're offering a FREE workshop for Edmonton job seekers to help you stand out from the crowd. Don't resign your job search to the rejection pile! Get practical advice [...]

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A Job Search Tip From Lenny Kravitz

In the words of a young Lenny Kravitz “it ain’t over til it’s over”. Ok so maybe Kravitz wasn’t exactly crooning about your job search but it’s wise words to keep in mind when you’re in the midst of a hot job hunt.   Sometimes we’ll meet candidates who have a verbal offer, or simply [...]

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