Scoot Kummerer, Edmonton Sales Recruiter

Scott Kummerer, Recruitment Consultant

Sales, Edmonton

  • Scott’s thorough understanding of his clients’ businesses leads to decisive matchups benefitting all stakeholders
  • With his genuine nature, Scott easily earns the trust of both clients and candidates by acting as a consultant and helping them on their path to success
  • Highly personable and communicative, Scott executes a seamless search process

Phone: 780.486.8377 ext. 105

Having enjoyed twelve years in sales and consulting, including five years with a global reach, Scott knows how to identify outstanding sales professionals. He is driven to present those candidates to his clients, and consequently, 85% of his clients return.

Scott truly takes pride in each clients’ and candidates’ success, and values the partnerships they create in his network. In addition, clients and candidates alike have learned that underpinning all of Scott’s determination and experience is something even more vital: a commitment to doing the right thing in all situations.

Scott enjoys partnering with candidates on their career journey. His job satisfaction comes from knowing he is a part of the positive changes in candidates’ lives and the prosperity their accomplishments produce for them. Scott thrives on the challenge of finding the right fit for his candidates and clients, and therefore holds an 80% close rate.

Scott’s bachelor’s degree is from Napier University in Edinburgh. At one point in his career, he spent three years consulting for the Scottish Government, working with clients ranging from small startups to some of the largest companies in the country. A husband and father, Scott is a keen golfer, enjoys soccer in the summer, and skis during winter.

“The Headhunters was very thorough in finding out not only what skills I possess for an employer, but who I am as an individual. And through its screening process, the company was able to find out what made me tick. My recruiter Scott was very personable and worked efficiently to find a great employer who had an opening that is aligned with my personal strengths. I recommend using Headhunters as a highly effective means of finding the right fit.”

“Scott is my first choice Edmonton Sales Recruiter!”

“Scott is one of the most interesting people I have had the pleasure to work with period. He was very easy to build a rapport with and I felt comfortable talking to him and telling him my needs and wants for a new position. Scott listened and didn’t try and take away from any of the points I mentioned, start to finish was a 3 week process and I am over the moon with the outcome so far. Not only have I recommended Scott to other people I will continue to do so into the future. It’s too bad that after the placement I don’t get to talk to him weekly, he is a really great guy and I immensely appreciate the opportunity he put me forward for.”