Patti Babyn, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Human Resources and Executive Administration, Edmonton

  • Passionate and driven, Patti operates with a sense of urgency to understand clients’ requirements and engineer a strong fit
  • A background of over 13 years in national and global recruitment provides Patti with a keen sense for identifying needs and taking effective action
  • Patti’s professional success is rooted in her desire to help others, and she frequently draws on skills from her experience in social work

Phone: 780.486.8377 ext. 122

A specialist with Human Resources and Executive Administration placements, Patti has over 13 years of national and global recruitment experience. She brings a wealth of expertise in interviewing, placement and collaboration, giving her clients the benefit of impeccable matches. Her insightful questions probe deep into the needs of each client, allowing her to pinpoint the best talent for the role from her vast network of qualified candidates.

Patti is equally enthusiastic with candidates. Knowing that what she does changes lives, Patti responds efficiently when candidates come to her. With heartfelt commitment to helping others, she situates candidates in positions where they will succeed.

Patti has a degree and background in social work, where she honed keen communication and assessment skills. Passionate about cultivating long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates, she is an ongoing resource for those she partners with.

Patti is a wife and mother, and outside of the office enjoys camping, hiking, cycling and volunteering with minor hockey. She is also a part-time makeup artist and takes pride in helping woman look and feel their best!

“Patti Babyn was so professional and personable and I really felt she had my best interests at heart throughout the process and beyond.”