Top 10 most-read employer blog postsWe’ve already taken a look at what job seekers read on the blog, now it’s time to see what employers found most interesting. It was a pretty tight race for the top spot, but beating out Top 3 Resume Lies by a whisker was Holiday Bonus: Do’s and Don’ts.

Here’s the full Top 10 list of the Most-Read Employer Blog Posts for 2012 –

  1. Holiday Bonus: Do’s and Don’ts
  2. Top 3 Resume Lies
  3. 9 Recruitment Mistakes Made by Hiring Managers
  4. Six Methods to Create Amazing Job Descriptions that Work
  5. What is First Impression Error?
  6. Should You Make A Counter Offer When An Employee Resigns?
  7. Are You On Board with Onboarding?
  8. Must-Follow HR Blogs
  9. How to Woo a Baby Boomer
  10. Four Words Killing Your Chances of Hiring Top Talent

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