Michaela Bragge, Recruitment Assistant


  • Michaela fosters exceptional rapport with candidates through her personable and compassionate nature, delving deep to truly understand their career aspirations
  • Resourceful and proactive, Michaela skillfully supports the recruitment process and delivers first-rate service to clients and candidates
  • Michaela has four years of experience in temporary roles herself, giving her keen insight into what makes a successful temp

Phone: 780.486.8377 ext. 123
Email: mbragge@theheadhunters.ca

Drawing on four years of experience in temporary roles herself, Michaela truly understands what it takes to be a successful temp and how to place the best talent based on each client’s needs. Resourceful and proactive, she skillfully supports the recruitment process, responding to the fast-paced nature of temporary recruiting and delivering first-rate service.

Personable and compassionate, Michaela fosters exceptional rapport with candidates. They feel comfortable and at ease as she delves deep into their career aspirations and motivations. Michaela provides sage job search advice and guides candidates to ideal opportunities to achieve their goals.

Michaela has a Bachelor of Intercultural Studies as well as a background in aviation. She is passionate about volunteerism, giving her time generously to the Salvation Army, Jacob’s Wish and Saving Nicaragua. She loves travel and has participated in mission work around the world.