Winnipeg Information Technology Recruiter

Marny Barnes, Sourcing Team Lead and Senior Recruitment Consultant

Information Technology, Winnipeg

  • Marny’s deep reach into the field of IT provides her with insights into trends and enables her to identify the talent companies need to remain innovative
  • Recruiting specifically for IT roles over the last 7 years, 90% of Marny’s business comes from repeat clients
  • With empathy and compassion, Marny guides candidates through the job search process and into positions where they shine

Phone: 204.515.0806

Strong ties to the community, along with a keen awareness of the complexities of information technology, give Marny a distinct edge in resolving her clients’ hiring challenges. Marny is passionate about making a true difference in the lives of the people she serves: her clients, who gain exemplary team members; and candidates, who experience new opportunities for growth.

An AIRS Certified Internet Recruiter, Marny is an expert in applying advanced techniques, such as the Boolean search methodology, to source gifted professionals for those hard-to-fill roles. Because of her proficiency in this area, Marny leads the Talent Sourcing Team of The Headhunters.

Marny provides valuable insights about the world a candidate must navigate while searching for a new opportunity. Supporting each candidate in a way that uniquely suits their needs, Marny provides advice about LinkedIn, gives interview guidance, and assists candidates in evaluating offers.

Among her many other philanthropic activities, Marny is on the board for Techapalooza which is a “Battle of the Bands” to raise money for CancerCare. The board and each band is comprised of strong leaders working in the information technology field in Winnipeg.

A mother of two, Marny loves camping.

“Marny made my transition to the new company extremely easy. Especially taking into account some details about my case. I appreciate her efforts and time she spent talking to me about this role and whole process.”

“Marny took the time to interview and understand me before trying to place me, she was constantly in touch and gave me all the information I needed in terms of organizational culture and growth possibilities within various prospective employer organizations. The Headhunters is definitely top of my list now and I regularly advise my peers to see Marny if they ever want to find new opportunities.” – Collen Mavunga

“Marny is extremely personable and easy to speak with. She provided excellent feedback after my initial interview and prepared me for the hiring process, which included two subsequent interviews. Marny advocated on my behalf to clarify questions I had regarding the position and my potential responsibilities. I felt motivated and supported through the hiring process and once I received the offer Marny was available to review it and ensure my best interests were being considered. After a month of employment Marny followed up to see how things were going. At that point I was still adjusting and felt unsettled about the onboarding and training process. Marny assured me that my role would be defined by my desire to take on challenges.”

“I can’t think of another Winnipeg Information Technology Recruiter with Marny’s skill-set!”

“Marny is literally the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. She’s placed me more than once and the new job is awesome. She’s so relatable and honest that I know I’m making the right move when I take on a new challenge. She’s a Rockstar!”

“I was a bit skeptical at first going into the pre-interview because I’ve never worked with any placement agencies before, and you hear one horror story and assume that it’s lies in store for you. Needless to say that was the exact opposite of my actual experience. I ended up accomplishing what I’ve been trying to do for two years in the span of one month with the help I received. My experience was entirely positive, the recruiter [Marny] was friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely wanted to help me get a perfect job placement.”