Jacqueline Duff, The Headhunters Edmonton

Jacqueline Duff, Relationship Manager

Accounting and Finance, Edmonton

  • An effective communicator, Jacqueline conducts deep discovery sessions with clients to learn about their needs and develop solutions
  • Calling on her decade in teaching, Jacqueline provides advice to candidates to help them land their dream role
  • Jacqueline is absolutely dependable, a pillar of support for our team, clients and candidates

Phone: 780.486.8377 ext 112
Email: jduff@theheadhunters.ca

Meticulously organized with a high attention to detail, Jacqueline makes it her mission to ensure that all clients and candidates have a flawless experience with The Headhunters. Supporting the Leadership team, Jacqueline is an extension of our brand as she establishes relationships with key stakeholders in the recruitment process. She is devoted to first rate customer service and it is evident in all that she does.

Genuinely caring and an attentive listener, Jacqueline loves conversing with our clients to uncover their needs and devise solutions to their challenges. She applies this same ethos to her interactions with our candidates, as she coaches them on their resumes and provides market intel to help them succeed.

Away from scheduling meetings, planning company events and everything in-between, Jacqueline is an adventure seeker. As a world traveller, she has visited 6 continents with Agra in India her favourite place of all.

“I cannot speak highly enough about Danielle and Jacqueline at the Headhunters. They provide an extremely friendly, professional and caring service which I feel very lucky to have been party to. They were able to arrange the right opportunity while giving me invaluable guidance and advice with a personal touch. Thanks to them, I now have a great career in a fantastic company with a very prosperous future.”

“Thank you so much Jacqueline for your email. In all honesty I owe a great part of this to you and Cam for giving me this opportunity. So thank you, as it has been the utmost pleasure to have met and worked with you both.”