Georgia Harper, Vancouver Office Personnel Recruitment

Georgia Harper, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Maternity Leave, Vancouver

  • An expert at recruiting for office personnel, Georgia consults deeply with her clients to guide their hiring strategies
  • Drawing from her extensive network of exceptional office professionals, Georgia partners with her clients to cultivate flourishing workplaces
  • Georgia is a strong relationship builder and thrives on creating win-win outcomes for clients and candidates

Phone: 604.682.9999

Smart and savvy, Georgia began her recruiting career in network television, where she was involved with a show that received an Emmy for best casting. Pinpointing the right candidate for an open position is a lot like choosing an actor for a role in a television show. In each case, the selection must be exact, and Georgia specializes in making those perfect matches.

Georgia provides her clients with in-depth consultation, as she takes into account their business objectives and devises a holistic hiring plan. Engaging her intuitive skills—“I can predict a good fit,” she says—she introduces her clients to premium candidates from her broad pool of contacts. Georgia is experienced with administrative roles and has a solid understanding of the space.

With a strong appreciation of the challenges that candidates face, Georgia directs them toward outstanding possibilities. Georgia enjoys building rapport with candidates, because the better she is acquainted with their wants and needs, the better she is able to help them with mapping their careers.

“I have worked with many recruiters before and was extremely hesitant to work with one again. In the past I’ve had recruiters interview you and then disappear: no follow-up, no calls, no replies, nothing. Georgia was exceptional! I was so impressed with her from the get-go; she made me feel very well informed and comfortable. I have since recommended her to all my friends and family, and I hope it will give her some new business. I’d like to thank Georgia for helping me out and will always look forward to working with her again.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Georgia Harper. We have just completed our second hire with Georgia. Two hires done in less than four months: what a success!! Georgia really understands our company culture, and the candidates that she puts forward shows this.”

“The services provided by Georgia were professional and top notch.”

“I really appreciate all your efforts and time. You have been extremely supportive and professional.”

“I’ve worked with a few recruiters during my job search in the last year. Georgia was the only one recruiter who made me feel that she was also interested in my career and was not only seeking to fill a role for a client. Georgia took the time to get to know me, my interests, and offered to be my career consultant. An opportunity was presented when she felt that I would be a good fit, using her judgment and analyzing my strengths based on my approach with people. The coaching, support and communication that came with the experience was excellent. I know people who tend to shy away from working with recruiters but now I can share my success story as encouragement. I am very happy with my new career thanks to Georgia.”

“I gave Georgia a rather challenging wishlist and I’m not sure how, but she has managed to secure me a placement that checks every single one of my boxes! I couldn’t be more excited to start my new job.”

“Vancouver office personnel recruitment is Georgia’s niche! Nobody else does it quite like her!”