Knowledge and advice to help you on your job search.

Your resume is the dynamite in your job search toolkit. Its sole purpose is to sell you to a prospective employer and convince them to bring you to the next stage of the hiring process.

In this section you’ll find our top tips for writing a resume and its close cousin: the cover letter.

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Face-to-face interviews are a major step in the hiring process, and one that strikes fear in the hearts of many a job seeker. But fear not! After many years of conducting literally thousands of interviews, we’ve collected our top tips on how to ace them!

In this section you’ll find this useful advice about job interviews:

Social media has become a key part of job hunting and hiring. It allows job seekers to learn more about potential employers and vice versa. In some cases, social media sites also offer their own online job boards (such as LinkedIn Jobs and Facebook Jobs). As a candidate, you should be mindful about what you post on social media (what impression are you leaving for a potential employer?) but you should also think of social media as a powerful tool to help in your job search.


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Onboarding Tips for Effective New Hires

March 15th, 2018|Comments Off on Onboarding Tips for Effective New Hires

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Rural Recruiting

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How to Recover from a Bad Interview

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Caring for Your Employees

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Valentine's Day is a time to talk about showing love and appreciation for those around us. Typically we focus on our personal relationships, but what are you doing as an employer to show your [...]


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