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March 29, 2017 – How to Tap Into Free Money with Business Grants
Presented by Stephanie Sang, CEO of Granted Consulting
9:00am PT   |   10:00am MT   |   11:00am CT

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Lack of funds can be a severe barrier to growing your business, but is there really such a thing as “free money”? Business professionals have described grants as a ‘pie in the sky’; they know they are there but they can’t seem to access them. Some have heard of grants or possibly even applied for one or two in the past, but the process can be challenging, confusing and time-consuming. It is important that for-profit businesses learn about what programs are available and be corrected on misconceptions about government grants.

This presentation outlines best practices when preparing for upcoming grants and developing an effective grant strategy for your business. It also covers ongoing grant programs that are currently accepting applications.

Stephanie Sang will discuss:

  • Types of grants available to businesses
  • The importance of timing
  • What is a grant strategy?
  • How to be successful in applying for grants
  • Which grants are available now?

Stephanie Sang is CEO of Granted Consulting, and is known as a “Grant Angel” in Vancouver. She is passionate about working with entrepreneurs in all industries on developing grant strategies for growth. Since 2011, Granted has supported 600+ clients and generated over $8 million in grant funding at a success rate of 92%. Over the last few years, Stephanie has been invited to speak at events hosted by the Women Enterprise Centre, The Executive Committee (TEC), Chambers of Commerce, Business Improvement Associations and other venues to educate entrepreneurs
about grants in Canada.

*Special offer: Answer our poll question during the webinar to receive a 20 minute phone call with a Grant Consultant to help build your grant strategy for the year.

Coming in April 2017 – Topic to be Announced
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Coming in May 2017 – How to Drive Productivity in Your Workforce
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January 25, 2017 – How to Hire Safer Workers Using Specialized Personality Risk Assessments
Presented by Greg Ford, CEO of TalentClick Workforce Solutions

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Studies show that up to 95% of safety-related incidents are caused by human error—not equipment failure, not lack of standard operating procedures, and not improper training. Progressive leaders are now looking at human risk factors in the safety equation, and one factor is personality risk.

What is personality risk? Well, everyone knows we have an IQ. Some people know we have an EQ, which measures emotional intelligence. But we also have a built-in intelligence around risk. And thanks to new breakthroughs in data-driven hiring and training solutions, employers can identify high-risk workers faster and more effectively, thus saving money and lives by reducing incidents by an average of 20%.

Other benefits witnessed by employers who have adopted safety risk assessments for their hiring and development include:

  • 39% decrease in lost-time
  • 59% reduction in workplace incidents
  • 94% decrease in property damage

Join us as we hear from workplace learning expert Greg Ford, CEO of TalentClick Workforce Solutions, a global firm specializing in employee psychometric testing and training. In over 40 countries worldwide, leading companies such as SC Johnson, Valero, Arcelor Mittal, Kiewit, Canfor, and Seaspan use TalentClick’s risk-based personality assessments to hire and train better employees and create happier, safer and more productive workplaces.

In this 45 minute webinar, you will learn to measure and predict high-risk behaviors which occur due to each person’s innate safety intelligence and our natural “default settings” of being Distractible vs. Vigilant, Rule-Resistant vs. Compliant, Impatient vs. Calm, Risk-Tolerant vs. Cautious, and how to use this cutting edge insight to help make better hiring and training decisions for your organization.

Join this webinar if you are…

  • responsible for safety or driver safety within your organization (leaders from Operations, Logistics, Fleet Management, Legal)
  • responsible for hiring or training within your organization and safety is a concern for your workforce (leaders from HR and Executive)
  • responsible for reducing costs due to safety incidents, work stoppages, etc. (leaders from Accounting and Finance)
  • from an industrial or light industrial organization, construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, mining, forestry, transportation, shipping, etc.

Prior to the webinar, you are encouraged to complete a complimentary Safety Quotient (SQ) assessment and receive your own individual report. The SQ report will reveal your own strengths and risks in the key personality areas related to safety. After registering, an email will be sent to you with the link to complete the SQ assessment

*Special Offer: Each company participating in the webinar will receive 10 free assessments!

February 15, 2017 – How to Reduce Stress & Improve Employee Wellness with Mindfulness
Presented by Dr. Geoff Soloway, Co-Founder & Chief Training Officer at Mindwell-U
10:00am PT   |   11:00am MT   |   12:00pm CT

The recording of this webinar will be posted soon, please check back!

Stress-related health care and missed work cost employers $300 billion per year. Learn how an ancient tradition is being used today to reduce employee stress, increase resilience and improve health & wellbeing.

Join MindWell-U’s Co-Founder & Chief Training Officer, Dr. Geoff Soloway, as he explains what mindfulness is, the impact mindfulness has on employee stress, resilience, health and performance and how organizations are integrating it into their existing wellness programs.

Dr. Geoff Soloway collaborates with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and is an expert in developing and implementing workplace mindfulness and mental health strategies for organizations including WestJet, Coca-Cola and Harvard Law School.

MindWell-U’s evidence-based, online 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge has been studied by UBC researchers and is proven to reduce stress, improve health and wellbeing and increase employee engagement, resilience and job satisfaction.

*Special offer: One representative from each company participating in the webinar will receive a complimentary spot for two in MindWell-U’s online 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

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