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Alleviate Holiday & Year-End Stress with Temporary Staff

It’s no secret that business gets busy during the holiday season, and that year end can be a stressful time! Temporary staffing is a great option when your team needs a little extra support for certain pockets of the year.

1) Free up your permanent staff to focus on core business activities
A temporary staff member will alleviate the […]

Seeking A Stress-Free Summer? We Have The Solution

Summer has arrived. No doubt, there is a buzz around your office as your colleagues are discussing long weekend plans, where they are going on vacation and how they will manage child care over the period. Meanwhile, that buzz is manifesting itself as stress for you as you contemplate how you are going to keep […]

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Understanding Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Partnering with The Headhunters RPO allows your company to focus on what your company does best while we do what we do best.

Interviews: How To Manage Them

Interviews: How To Manage Them
Most job seekers on the market ensure that they are well-prepared for job interviews and the same ought to be true of those conducting the interviews. Many managers are expected to lead the hiring process, so knowing the basics of interviewing best practices is useful. By keeping such essentials in mind, even inexperienced managers […]

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How To Onboard Temporary Employees

How To Onboard Temporary Employees
Often temporary employees are sourced ahead of time for assignments such as maternity leave coverage or vacations. In such instances, the onboarding of the temp is a pre-planned process. Often, however, a temporary worker is hired at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances, like a permanent employee falling ill. Unfortunately, unexpected […]

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Strategic Planning: How Temporary Employees Can Boost Your 2016 (Part 2)

To complement our recent article on the value that temporary employees add to strategic planning, we would like to share some of the highlights of Martin Reeves’s recent Ted Talks presentation, ‘Your strategy needs a strategy.’


Martin is the leading figure at the The Strategy Institute, a division of the Boston Consulting Group, which he joined […]

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Strategic Planning: How Temporary Employees Can Boost Your 2016 (Part 1)

Companies that rely on temporary workers solely for “firefighting” scenarios often find that by the time one fire has been put out, another one is just flaring-up. Perhaps a permanent employee has quit, fallen ill, or experienced a family emergency. Perhaps a new contract has been won or an opportunity lost. Whatever the scenario, temporary […]

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5 Of Our Favourite Online HR & Business Resources


At TempsAhead and The Headhunters we take a keen interest in industry news and trends. We love to stay on the pulse and share knowledge with our clients. As part of our market intelligence strategy we read and subscribe to a number of HR/Business resources.

Our favourites that we recommend you check out:

1. Career Builder Employer […]

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How To Deal With Absenteeism This Summer

With summer coming up shortly, it’s perhaps time to address a HR problem that often arises during warmer weather: Absenteeism.

Data from Statistics Canada shows that the average Canadian worker is away from work 9.3 days in a year. The estimated direct cost of absenteeism to the Canadian economy was $16.6 billion in 2012.

Most businesses have trouble […]

The Art of Attracting and Retaining Talent for Maternity Leave Coverage

When an organization is faced with a maternity leave coverage, there are always a lot of questions that come up:

Do we really need a replacement?

Should we hire for the same type of skillset or maybe bring someone more or less experienced?

How far in advance do we need to bring someone in?

All these are great things […]

Is Your Hiring Process a Turn-Off?  

We often compare the recruitment process to dating. Two parties, testing the waters, seeing if they should commit to something more long-term. But what happens when things turn sour? The dream date, your favourite candidate, decides to take themselves out of the running. What did you do wrong? Why did they ditch you when you […]

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How to be a Likeable Interviewer: Why it Matters to You and Your Brand

Much has been written about the need to give a good interview. If you want the job, you must excel in the interview. Proper body language, doing your homework on the company, asking good questions . . . all great advice. But we don’t often see advice for the interviewer.

I interview countless people as a […]

How Do You Rank When It Comes to Onboarding Temps?

Recently, I was told about an organisation who really invested in their onboarding approach, and not just for permanent employees, but for an intern who was on a short term assignment. It made such a positive impact on the intern that their positive feedback filtered back to the market and proved to be a great […]

How to Qualify a Job Opportunity

So you’ve decided to make a move or perhaps the decision has been made for you in the form of a layoff – either way – you need a new job.

Candidates will often come to recruiters with a high sense of urgency, saying their work environment has changed, and they need out. This change can […]

Using “Temporary to Hire” to Reduce Hiring Risk

Employers and contractors alike commonly view temporary employment as a dress rehearsal, or test drive of a job, before a decision to hire or not hire is made. More and more companies are using temp-to-hire, or “temp-to-perm” services to find great personnel.

An effective temporary to hire strategy can provide employers with: 

Immediate access to skilled contract workers
Flexible, quick-learning and adaptable candidates
Thoroughly screened candidates

The flexibility of […]

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How to Recruit for a Maternity Leave Replacement

According to Statistics Canada, 90% of working mothers take maternity leave, and their average leave is approximately 44 weeks (even though Canadians can receive up to 50 weeks). While the birth of a child is truly a momentous occasion, a mother on maternity leave can be disruptive for an organization that isn’t prepared for her departure […]

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Ask A Recruiter: How to hold onto top candidates in a “hot” market

Over the past few months the TempsAhead team have been seeing a big shift in the market. With the unemployment rate decreasing, more and more quality candidates are being snapped up at a much quicker speed. In temporary recruitment, mere minutes of delay can mean losing your top choices to competitors.

But it’s not just temporary and […]

Qualities to Look for When Hiring Contract Workers

Contract workers can be a useful and essential part of businesses. In every trade and profession there are certain needs that must be met but at the same time don’t require the hiring of a new permanent employee. Contract workers not only allow these needed tasks to be completed but also bring unique areas of […]

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Ask A Recruiter: Are you neglecting your brand when dealing with temporary and contract employees?

In this week’s Ask A Recruiter, we tackle a hidden brand killer that most companies overlook: how you train and treat your temporary and contract employees.


We asked TempsAhead Manager, Ioana Bucsa, to explain why failing to explain your brand to temporary employees and treat them like your regular permanent team, can hurt your business – 


Any company […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Start Succession Planning

A company President asks us how to start succession planning  –

I started my own business 9 years ago, we’ve grown and become quite an established and successful player in our niche market. I’m very proud of what my team and I have achieved; it’s been my life for the past 9 years. But recently I’m feeling […]

Ask A Recruiter: Writing Effective Job Advertisements

A hiring manager asks for some advice on job postings –

How can I write an effective job advertisement?  I am getting people who are really under qualified and really cannot do the job I need them to do.  This is a huge investment of time for little to no return.


We asked Lily Brewer, one of […]

Is Your Hiring Process Scaring Away Top Talent?

Happy Halloween readers! Today we’re dedicating this post to all the things that go bump in the night hiring process. Your hiring process is one of the first contact points potential employees have with your company and heavily affects your employer brand.


How you treat candidates during the hiring process is often a fair indicator of […]

7 Social Recruiting Sins

A survey by Jobvite found that 94% of companies were already using, or plan to use, social recruiting in 2013. So, if you’re not using social media for recruitment, you definitely should put it on the “to-do” list because your competitors are there already.


But before you start tweeting, pinning and instagraming (or even if you […]

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5 Insider Tips for Writing Better Job Titles

As young Juliet of House Capulet once famously pondered “what’s in a name?”

When it comes to hiring, naming your job ad plays a much bigger role in attracting the right talent than most people think.

Most people post jobs with their company’s regular title and are done with it. But a few seconds of extra thought […]

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Recruitment Metrics: What You Should be Measuring

It’s all about data these days and your recruitment efforts should be no exception. Recruitment metrics are vital for tracking how successful your hiring has been and how well you’ve nurtured the talent onboard.


As we’re now at the middle mark for the year, now is the perfect time to review your business and see just […]

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How to Tell an “A” Performer from All the Rest

One of the most difficult tasks facing managers is how to rapidly identify the top candidates from among the average. Although there are few “secret” “A” players, you can speed up the sorting process by compiling a list of key identifiers or commonalities that “A” players consistently have (and that “C” players don’t have). 

A) Identifying […]

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What To Do When Your Star Employee Quits

If you manage teams for long enough, it’s bound to happen to you at least once, probably more. You have a great team that’s performing well and a star employee you nurtured under your wing. And then he quits.


It’s business of course, nothing personal. He gets headhunted (sorry!), or perhaps just wants a change of scenery. But […]

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7 Hiring Red Flags to Avoid


Typos in the resume, late to the interview, these are some of the common red flags we spot in potential new hires. But have you sat on the other side of your own hiring process? Is it setting off any red flags and scaring away top talent?

To a job seeker, a company’s hiring process can […]

Are you really looking for a Guru, Rock Star or Ninja?

We recently read a fantastic article over at The Undercover Recruiter about how choosing entertaining yet ambiguous job titles in your job ads can backfire. The same is also applicable for job seekers who have LinkedIn titles like “Inside Sales Rockstar” or “Digital Marketing Guru”.

While you may think adding ‘creative’ job titles to otherwise fairly run-of-the-mill […]

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Ask A Recruiter: How do I rescue my resume?

We review hundreds of resumes daily and are constantly asked by job seekers what improvements need to be made to rescue them from the rejection pile.


So for today’s Ask A Recruiter we’ve collected our top tips to rescue your resume from some of the most common pitfalls.


Resume needs to “SELL” not “TELL”.
If you include an objective, put […]

Do Your Applicants Belong on the Naughty or Nice List? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Taking a leaf out of Santa’s playbook, Spark Hire has put together a short quiz to help you decide if your candidates should be on the Naughty of Nice List. It goes through four common job seeker types, with some interesting stats about each.
Highlights – The Four Job Seeker Types

The Resume Traditionalist
On average, 118 resumes are received […]

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