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Webinars for a Safe & Happy Workplace in 2017

TempsAhead & The Headhunters are excited to introduce a new webinar series starting this year. We’ve partnered up with organizations who are experts in their fields to bring you top-notch, free advice!

If you are an HR professional, hiring manager or just interested in great tips for your workplace, please join us for one of our free upcoming […]

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Time To Upgrade Your Skills? Here’s Our Pick Of The Best Online Learning Resources

Continued learning makes for a fulfilling career and an interesting life. You will never know everything and you can never know too much; as Michaelangelo famously said at 87, “I am still learning”.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your skills for your current role, seeking to make a career change or simply have a personal […]

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Five Perks that Won’t Break the Bank

Five Perks that Won’t Break the Bank
Land a job at Google and you may never leave. From on-site physicians and nurses, to extended parental leave, to reimbursements for degree-level education, to free legal advice, to free food, to free… well, you get the picture. With tech companies, creative perks are an industry standard that attracts […]

How To Master Your Memory [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Master Your Memory
It seems that memory is not the essential tool it once was now that the digital age has put the world’s answers at our fingertips. You will likely agree that it is passé these days to learn vast swathes of information. That being said, it is still advantageous as an employee or […]

Give Thanks To Your Employees This Thanksgiving


Christmas-time and service anniversaries are typically when employers show that they appreciate the hard work of their employees. Often these traditional moments are expected by staff but an impromptu way to show that you value your colleagues is to mark Thanksgiving by giving thanks! As such, here are our top five tips for saying “thank you” to […]

Succession Plans – An Important Topic Throughout The Ages


Several of our recruiters recently took some time to enjoy the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival’s production of King Lear. The 400 year-old play presents many relevant themes for us all. As recruiters we observed that it is the perfect example of how not to implement a succession plan, a subject that remains a hot topic […]

Planning time for your business? Try one of these unique brainstorming techniques


As we move into the second half of the year you may be reflecting on what has happened over the last several months, gathering learnings from your projects and re-configuring your strategies for the remainder of the year.

An effective way to develop ideas and solutions to solve the problems facing your organization is collaborative brainstorming. […]

Why you Should Promote Teamwork Between Full-Time and Part-Time Employees

A major part of the success of any organization relies on employees working together as a team. But how do you build a successful team environment? A recent study by Wakefield Research reveals that team building activities can be counterproductive in the workplace if not executed properly.
Why Teamwork is Essential
Teamwork is what holds an organization […]

How to Avoid Employee Burnout

Employee burnout can have a deep and costly impact on a business, including reduced productivity, high turnover and, in some cases, increased safety hazards.

Burnout isn’t just caused by heavy workloads; often it is a symptom of deeper organizational and managerial issues. Here are just some of the precautions you should take to avoid employee burnout […]

How to Grow Your Leadership Skills

Successful leadership depends on loyal followers. The path to business success is paved by leaders who inspire and motivate people. By developing an engaging narrative that maps out your vision you can get others to pay attention. This strategy may sound like acting, but it’s much more about being authentic and passionate about your business. […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Start Succession Planning

A company President asks us how to start succession planning  –

I started my own business 9 years ago, we’ve grown and become quite an established and successful player in our niche market. I’m very proud of what my team and I have achieved; it’s been my life for the past 9 years. But recently I’m feeling […]

How to Grow as a Leader: Takeaways from the Vancouver Leadership Panel


Yesterday, we hosted our Leaders Breakfast Panel: Leadership for the Future in Vancouver. It was an action-packed morning with a full crowd in attendance at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. Our speakers – Maninder Dhaliwal, Alex Read, Lisa Martin and Stephen Race – all participated in a lively discussion about leadership with some very valuable insights.

To […]

Ask A Recruiter: Job Hunting as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner

A job seeker asked us how to overcome some of the hurdles entrepreneurs and business owners face when they decide to begin a job search  –

I am a young entrepreneur who is currently in the process of separating from co-ownership of his company. Having only one job prior to working for himself, my concern is […]

Weeding Out Toxic Employees

Despite best efforts in hiring and management, every company has a toxic employee infect its ranks at some point. A toxic employee is different to a poor performing employee (although one can be both). A toxic employee is someone whose negative behaviours affect not only themselves, but their fellow team members as well.


Some examples of toxic […]

Creating a Win-Win with Reverse Mentorship


When we think of mentorship, traditionally the picture is of a seasoned professional taking a younger employee under their wing. Mentorship is a valuable institution but in an age where there are up to four generations in one office, reverse mentorship is also proving to have great benefits.


Reverse mentorship sounds like one of those airy […]

Ask A Recruiter: I’ve hired a temp, what now?

An employer asked us about what the next steps were after you hire a temporary employee  –

I just hired a temp to take over while our Receptionist goes on holidays for two weeks. I’ve never hired a temp before and I’m not really sure what the usual protocol is for what to do when they […]

How to Decline Leave Requests


Summer is peak season for vacation requests and if you’re one of those managers who has leave forms piling up on their desk, you might find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to decline a few. So let’s brush up on some managerial etiquette on how to diplomatically decline leave requests.


1. Establish the Business […]

5 Step For Dealing With Absenteeism

With Summer coming up shortly, it’s perhaps time to address an HR problem that often arises during warmer weather: Absenteeism.

Data from Statistics Canada shows that on average, in 2011, full-time employees lost 3.7% of their work time each week due to absenteeism. Dianne Dyck, an occupational health and safety specialist, explained in this article that […]

Could you lead your team to the Super Bowl?


This Sunday most of us will be sitting on the sofa, glued to the TV, immersed in chips and dip. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, the Baltimore Ravens’ John Harbaugh and San Francisco 49ers’ Jim Harbaugh will be pitted against each other in the Super Bowl’s first ever head coach sibling rivalry.


The two brothers, only one […]

Are You The Office Grinch?

Rudolph or Santa? Elf or The Grinch? There’s a slew of quirky Christmas characters we’ve come to know and love, but have you met their workplace counterparts? We take a fun look at some of the office stereotypes with a jolly twist!

A pioneer who lights the way forward, ignoring the ridicule of his peers; Rudolph […]

The Office Christmas Party Survival Guide: Manager’s Edition

Every year managers across the country feel a pinch in their stomach when they hear this phrase “So what are we doing for this year’s Christmas party?”

It’s not that they don’t want to toast to another successful year with their team, in fact quite the opposite. But the annual staff party is fraught with potential […]