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5 ‘Must Read’ Articles For Job Seekers

Searching for a job is tough. Navigating the highly competitive market, staying current and keeping positive throughout the process can be overwhelming. As Recruitment Consultants, we are here to help you on your journey by sharing knowledge and advice. We read a lot of industry blogs and news articles to ensure we remain at the [...]

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Interviews: How To Manage Them

Interviews: How To Manage Them Most job seekers on the market ensure that they are well-prepared for job interviews and the same ought to be true of those conducting the interviews. Many managers are expected to lead the hiring process, so knowing the basics of interviewing best practices is useful. By keeping such essentials in mind, even inexperienced [...]

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Happy Holidays From TempsAhead & The Headhunters

As 2015 draws to a close, we would like to thank you all for being part of a very memorable year. We are so thankful for the support of all of our partners and feel very fortunate to work with so many exceptional candidates and clients.

Canadians: Happy At Work, Happy To Leave [Infographic]

Canadians: Happy At Work, Happy To Leave A new Mercer survey of Canadian workers goes a long way to cementing the idea that modern employees are a fickle bunch. It turns out that up to 59 percent of Canadians who enjoy their current job have one eye on the door. Mercer calls this an “engagement [...]

Three Ways To Celebrate Temping In Your Resume

Three Ways To Celebrate Temping In Your Resume At TempsAhead and The Headhunters, we love to see temporary work experience on resumes because it tells us that the applicant likes to stay busy between permanent jobs. In other words, such candidates are hardworking and keen to develop transferable skills. However, many job seekers feel like [...]

Work-Life Balance: Europe Vs. Canada

Work-Life Balance: Europe Vs. Canada Work-life balance is a priority in the modern workplace, right? Just ask Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, chairperson and CEO of Facebook, who recently announced his plan to take a two-month parental leave upon the birth of his first child. North American work-life balance trends Is Zuckerberg’s decision an indication that more [...]

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How To Have A Big-Hearted Christmas In A Midsize Business

How To Have A Big-Hearted Christmas In A Midsize Business The backbone of Canada’s economy is made up of small and medium-sized businesses, employing ninety percent of private sector workers, and producing the majority of our nation’s GDP. No doubt, the owners of small and-medium sized businesses value their employees. But the fact remains, corporate [...]

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Four Soft Skills New Graduates Should Bring To Work

Four Soft Skills New Graduates Should Bring To Work One 2013 survey reported that 60 percent of employers felt that new graduates lacked the soft skills to communicate effectively in the workplace. While your post-secondary qualifications will do wonders for your career, polished soft skills will boost your prospects even more. That’s why The we have [...]

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How To Onboard Temporary Employees

How To Onboard Temporary Employees Often temporary employees are sourced ahead of time for assignments such as maternity leave coverage or vacations. In such instances, the onboarding of the temp is a pre-planned process. Often, however, a temporary worker is hired at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances, like a permanent employee falling ill. Unfortunately, [...]

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Coffee: An Employee’s Best Friend [INFOGRAPHIC]

Coffee: An Employee’s Best Friend  Humorist Dave Barry once quipped, “It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity.” Talk to your java-inclined coworkers at 8:31 am and Barry’s opinion might [...]

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Five Perks that Won’t Break the Bank

Five Perks that Won’t Break the Bank Land a job at Google and you may never leave. From on-site physicians and nurses, to extended parental leave, to reimbursements for degree-level education, to free legal advice, to free food, to free… well, you get the picture. With tech companies, creative perks are an industry standard that [...]

Five Answers: ‘What Would You Like To Improve About Yourself?’

Five Answers: 'What Would You Like To Improve About Yourself?' Some “stock” interview questions are relatively easy to prepare for and provide with you an opportunity to highlight your value as an employee. Nevertheless, as an interviewee, you should also be prepared for those stock questions that trip-up even the most qualified candidates. “What would [...]

The Relationship Between an Employer Brand and Retention

The Relationship Between an Employer Brand and Retention Job mobility has never been as fluid as it is today. With the advent of LinkedIn and other forms of networking, the 21st century has seen some of the employers’ power shift to the talent. Many companies now accept that young professionals dismiss the thought of dedicating [...]

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Five Interview Questions That Might Scare You

There’s an urban legend that Microsoft liked to test the analytical thinking of its potential recruits, asking them brainteasers to see how they handled them. Legend has it that when Nobel Prize winning physicist, Richard Feynman, was interviewed, Microsoft asked him to explain why most manhole covers are round (as opposed to square). Perhaps offended, [...]

How To Master Your Memory [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Master Your Memory It seems that memory is not the essential tool it once was now that the digital age has put the world’s answers at our fingertips. You will likely agree that it is passé these days to learn vast swathes of information. That being said, it is still advantageous as an employee [...]

Strategic Planning: How Temporary Employees Can Boost Your 2016 (Part 2)

To complement our recent article on the value that temporary employees add to strategic planning, we would like to share some of the highlights of Martin Reeves’s recent Ted Talks presentation, ‘Your strategy needs a strategy.’   Martin is the leading figure at the The Strategy Institute, a division of the Boston Consulting Group, which [...]

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Strategic Planning: How Temporary Employees Can Boost Your 2016 (Part 1)

Companies that rely on temporary workers solely for “firefighting” scenarios often find that by the time one fire has been put out, another one is just flaring-up. Perhaps a permanent employee has quit, fallen ill, or experienced a family emergency. Perhaps a new contract has been won or an opportunity lost. Whatever the scenario, temporary [...]

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Using Technology When Searching For A Job

  As early as 2009 reports showed that 45 percent of employers in some industries were already using Facebook to screen candidates. Since then this statistic has only increased, and now it is a common step in the recruitment process for many hiring managers. What does this mean for you as a job seeker? Well, [...]

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For growing companies there often comes a point when HR matters start to erode management’s focus and consume too many of their precious hours in the day. Furthermore, with limited knowledge and resources available, it can often take longer for HR issues to be resolved by individuals that are not experts in the field. So, [...]

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When employee turnover is a good thing

One of the most misinterpreted and distorted human resource metrics is the rate of employee turnover. There is a common misconception that if people are leaving an organization the business must be doing something wrong, people are unhappy and they need to make changes…In some cases, yes, this may be true. However, there are many [...]

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The Power Of Recognition [INFOGRAPHIC]

We recently wrote about employer branding and its importance when attracting employees. Another important topic closely related to this is employee recognition. Once you have managed to secure the best talent from the market you want to be sure you can keep them motivated and committed to your organization.   Have you considered the cost of a disengaged [...]

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Want A Job With Flex Appeal? Consider Temping

Maybe you are between jobs, you've just relocated or you are looking to expand your experience and network. Whatever your circumstance, temping can be a great option if you are looking for flexible employment. In addition, the summer months are ripe with opportunities so it is the prefect time to experience the many benefits of temping: [...]

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As a society we are obsessed with happiness - finding it, keeping it, measuring it and sharing it...why? Because happiness feels good and when we are happy we have better relationships, health and an overall sense of wellbeing. Happiness also has a big impact on work place performance. The below infographic from Growth Engineering gives us [...]

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Workaholism Doesn’t Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

These days, workaholism is the norm. With the evolution of smartphones, cloud services and better carrier plans, employees are almost always connected. The below infographic from Cornerstone gives us a snapshot of the state of workaholism in the U.S. and the toll it's taking on employees and employers. While the stats come from the U.S., we see similar [...]

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Is Your Hiring Process a Turn-Off?  

We often compare the recruitment process to dating. Two parties, testing the waters, seeing if they should commit to something more long-term. But what happens when things turn sour? The dream date, your favourite candidate, decides to take themselves out of the running. What did you do wrong? Why did they ditch you when you [...]

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7 Signs it’s Time for a New Job

  Struggling with the daily grind? Or maybe you're stuck in a rut and you don't even know it. Below are seven signs you might need to start looking for a new job, and it's not just about lack of motivation. 1. You struggle with your workload If you’re struggling to keep up with your work, [...]

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What Are Your References Saying About You?

Did you know that as many as three in five employers (62 per cent) have contacted a reference who had negative things to say about the candidate? You may think that references are just an administrative hoop to jump through, but negative references have resulted in candidates being taken out of the running and even [...]

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Using “Temporary to Hire” to Reduce Hiring Risk

Employers and contractors alike commonly view temporary employment as a dress rehearsal, or test drive of a job, before a decision to hire or not hire is made. More and more companies are using temp-to-hire, or “temp-to-perm” services to find great personnel. An effective temporary to hire strategy can provide employers with:  Immediate access to skilled contract workers Flexible, quick-learning and adaptable candidates Thoroughly [...]

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Happy Holidays

As 2014 draws to a close, we would like to thank you all for being part of a very memorable year. We are so thankful for all the wonderful experiences this past year and feel very fortunate to work with so many exceptional candidates and clients. In keeping with one of our core values of [...]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Get Promoted

An eager employee asks how to get promoted - I have been at my job for 18 months and have always been a hard-working team member and received good performance reviews. I work for a fairly large organization and it's not uncommon to receive promotions after only a year or so but my manager hasn't mentioned anything to me [...]

Why you Should Promote Teamwork Between Full-Time and Part-Time Employees

A major part of the success of any organization relies on employees working together as a team. But how do you build a successful team environment? A recent study by Wakefield Research reveals that team building activities can be counterproductive in the workplace if not executed properly. Why Teamwork is Essential Teamwork is what holds [...]

How to Recruit for a Maternity Leave Replacement

According to Statistics Canada, 90% of working mothers take maternity leave, and their average leave is approximately 44 weeks (even though Canadians can receive up to 50 weeks). While the birth of a child is truly a momentous occasion, a mother on maternity leave can be disruptive for an organization that isn't prepared for her departure [...]

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How to be Happier at Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

Don't let the Monday blues get the better of you, even the smallest changes can help brighten your mood at work! The folks over at Happify have shared some practical steps to being happier at work in the infographic below. Little things like adding greenery to your workspace and turning off your cellphone before bedtime can perk you [...]

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5 Things that Scare Away Potential Employers

At Halloween we all like a good scare; haunted houses, gory costumes and ghost stories are all part of the fun. But when it comes to your job search, we want to make sure there’s nothing scary about it at all! Below are five things that jobs seekers often do which unintentionally scare away potential [...]

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Join Us at the 2014 Productivity Summit

The Headhunters and TempsAhead are proud to be sponsors for the upcoming 2014 Productivity Summit by Productivity Alberta. The Productivity Summit is the first in what will be an annual event by Productivity Alberta, providing industry and organizations from across Alberta and Western Canada the information and inspiration they need to continue building on their productivity improvement performance. [...]

How to Avoid Employee Burnout

Employee burnout can have a deep and costly impact on a business, including reduced productivity, high turnover and, in some cases, increased safety hazards. Burnout isn’t just caused by heavy workloads; often it is a symptom of deeper organizational and managerial issues. Here are just some of the precautions you should take to avoid employee [...]

Danielle Bragge: EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Finalist

We are so excited to be cheering on our very own Danielle Bragge, Co-Founder of The Headhunters and TempsAhead, as she joins 33 fellow entrepreneurs at tomorrow nights' EY Entrepreneur of the YearTM 2014 Prairies Award. Danielle has long been a very active business and community leader; previously being named one of the Top 100 Women in Business in Edmonton and nominated [...]

3 Ways to Gain Work Experience

You’ve just finished school and you’re starting to apply for jobs. However, every position seems to require you to have experience, but how do you get experience when no one will hire you? This is a vicious circle that traps many recent grads, and it can be very hard to get out of. Here are [...]

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Getting Hired in a Digital World [Infographic]

Job hunting has evolved beyond the type of paper you use and the quality of your cover letter. In our digital age, recruiters and employers have more access to information about you than ever before. This infographic from Brighton School of Business and Management walks through the state of digital recruitment today and what you can do [...]

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Ask A Recruiter: How to hold onto top candidates in a “hot” market

Over the past few months the TempsAhead team have been seeing a big shift in the market. With the unemployment rate decreasing, more and more quality candidates are being snapped up at a much quicker speed. In temporary recruitment, mere minutes of delay can mean losing your top choices to competitors. But it’s not just temporary [...]

Why Comic Sans Can Prevent You from Getting Hired: A List of Little Known Resume Mistakes

When someone is reviewing your resume, you only have a few short seconds to make a positive impression. In this time, you should effectively do everything within your power to captivate your reader, which doesn't include any of the following common but little known resume mistakes. Weird or Small Fonts Even though Comic Sans or Papyrus [...]

Top 10 Jobs of the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what career should I pursue in the Fall?  For students contemplating their career prospects, Collegeatlas.org have released an infographic on the top 10 jobs of 2022. While many jobs listed are already experiencing hot growth, others may surprise you (Veterinarians?!). When it comes to picking what career path you should head down, [...]

6 Tips for Improving Workplace Culture

Poor workplace culture leads to low morale among employees, loss of productive employees and high turnover. All these things ultimately lead to low profits. If your company isn’t experiencing the right level of workplace culture, you’re not alone. Every Canadian company experiences poor workplace culture at one time or another. The key is doing what [...]

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Changing Careers in Your 30s and 40s

One of the more difficult things any of us has to do in our lives is choose a career. When we were at school we were much younger and not necessarily sure what it is that most inspires us. Parents and teachers may have told us things to push us in one direction or another [...]

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How to Grow Your Leadership Skills

Successful leadership depends on loyal followers. The path to business success is paved by leaders who inspire and motivate people. By developing an engaging narrative that maps out your vision you can get others to pay attention. This strategy may sound like acting, but it's much more about being authentic and passionate about your business. [...]

How to Change Your Career

Are you thinking of changing your career? Lots of people do at some point in their lives, and it’s becoming more and more common. Sometimes, a career change can be just the thing you need to get out of the rut you are in and give yourself a chance to achieve your dream. However, most [...]

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Interview Tips and Tricks that Work

Being unprepared is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to a job interview. Employers are on the lookout for well organized, informed candidates that stand out from the competition. Increase your wow-factor by following these interview tips and tricks to find yourself at the head of the pack: Don’t get [...]

How to Find a Mentor

A great professional mentor can bolster your career and provide invaluable professional development. But how do you even go about finding a mentor? Where should you look, what do you say?   Let’s walk through the basics for finding a mentor -   Establish Your Mentorship Goals Be clear from the start what goals you [...]

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Ask A Recruiter: Are you neglecting your brand when dealing with temporary and contract employees?

In this week’s Ask A Recruiter, we tackle a hidden brand killer that most companies overlook: how you train and treat your temporary and contract employees.   We asked TempsAhead Manager, Ioana Bucsa, to explain why failing to explain your brand to temporary employees and treat them like your regular permanent team, can hurt your business [...]

Back to Basics: How do Employment Agencies Work?

A temporary employment agency has a very unique place in the community compared to other recruitment agencies. The role of temporary employment agencies is to solve staffing shortages affecting the profitability of other businesses.   How do employment agencies work for employers? Most people assume that temp agencies only provide workers to fill in for [...]

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How to Search for a Job Online

Building a career or finding a job takes one step at a time. In fact, knowing how to search for a job online can be the key in speeding up the steps to landing your next job. The first step to learning how to search for a job online is understanding the options for online [...]

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Anatomy of a Great Company Career Page

Your career page is the first touch point into your organization for most potential job seekers. As the competition for top talent heats up, companies are investing more and more into making their career pages as inviting as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the key components of a great career page and [...]

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How to Find Contract Work

The changing nature of employment is indicative of the changing nature of business. Employees and organizations alike are navigating new approaches to work, the latter to pave their own career paths and the former to adjust and adapt to the demands of the market. A particularly salient example of this is the proliferation of contract [...]

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5 Essential Cover Letter Tips

Your cover letter is your opportunity to inject personality into your application and set yourself apart from the competition. Don’t waste the space simply regurgitating your resume, instead follow these five essential cover letter tips to stand out.   1. Speak Their Language You’ve probably heard of “mirroring” tone and body language as a way [...]

How to Grow as a Leader: Takeaways from the Vancouver Leadership Panel

  Yesterday, we hosted our Leaders Breakfast Panel: Leadership for the Future in Vancouver. It was an action-packed morning with a full crowd in attendance at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. Our speakers – Maninder Dhaliwal, Alex Read, Lisa Martin and Stephen Race – all participated in a lively discussion about leadership with some very valuable [...]

How to Make a Good Resume

Your resume plays a vital role in your quest for a job. It is a form of self-advertisement that highlights your strengths, educational background and work experiences. In other words, it is a basis used by prospective employers in determining why they should at least invite you for an interview. Here are some tips that [...]

Weeding Out Toxic Employees

Despite best efforts in hiring and management, every company has a toxic employee infect its ranks at some point. A toxic employee is different to a poor performing employee (although one can be both). A toxic employee is someone whose negative behaviours affect not only themselves, but their fellow team members as well.   Some examples [...]

Adding Structure to Your Job Search

“You should treat job hunting like a full time job.”   At face value, this common piece of job search advice makes a good point while at the same time seeming totally unrealistic. Are you really going to commit 40 hours a week to trawling job boards and crafting cover letters? We hope not!   [...]

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Not Everyone Can be a Temp

When you’re out of work and looking for a new role, you’ll often hear from others “why don’t you just do some temporary or contract work?” But taking on temporary assignments isn't as straightforward as some might think, and not all job seekers will find it a great fit. Ioana Bucsa, one of our TempsAhead [...]

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Zappos Gives Job Titles and Hierarchy the Boot

If you’ve ever read our blog before you’ll know we have a big ‘ole biz-crush on Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh.   Hsieh’s commitment to people and the unique Zappos culture has led to huge success for the online retailer. He’s renowned for being a champion of employee empowerment and it’s one of the many reasons [...]

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The Soft Skills Gap

  When we look at our ageing workforce and the growing ‘skills gap’, most of us assume we’re talking about a technical skills gap. But a recent survey of 500 U.S. senior executives found that the soft skills might be the real area of concern.   44 per cent of respondents cited soft skills — [...]

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The Art of Exiting Conversations Gracefully

Guest post by Gayle Hallgren-Rezac Sometimes exiting a conversation at a network event can feel awkward. So how do you do this gracefully?   We tell people that exiting a conversation is one of the harder things to do when circulating in ‘the pond’. It requires a little bit of tough love.   Find a moment [...]

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What Recruiters Look for on Your LinkedIn Profile

All our consultants use LinkedIn to source and research potential candidates. And it’s not just us; a survey by Jobvite found that over 93 per cent of respondent companies use LinkedIn for recruiting.   Unlike most other social media, the majority of LinkedIn users don’t use and update their profile regularly. Our recruitment consultants are [...]

7 Social Recruiting Sins

A survey by Jobvite found that 94% of companies were already using, or plan to use, social recruiting in 2013. So, if you’re not using social media for recruitment, you definitely should put it on the “to-do” list because your competitors are there already.   But before you start tweeting, pinning and instagraming (or even [...]

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Brain Boosting Work Snacks

Not all snacks are created equal. There are snacks that slim you down, snacks that wake you up, and then there are some snacks that will keep your brain fighting fit!   Here are six healthy brain boosting snacks to keep around the office when your stomach starts growling -   Blueberries   Evidence accumulated [...]

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Cover Letters: What’s the Point?

Does anyone read cover letters anymore? Why should I include one? Isn’t it just a repetition of what’s on your resume?   These are questions constantly being asked by hungry job seekers across the country. And we get it. Job hunting is tough and spending that extra time crafting a witty customized cover letter is [...]

5 Movies Lessons About Teamwork

Hollywood loves a good teamwork flick, and so do we! Here are five of our favourite team-based movies and the valuable lessons they teach us about teamwork: The Avengers Trying to bring together competing egos is tough enough in a regular team environment; imagine trying to battle the egos of six A-type Superheroes! In The [...]

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Fake It Till You Become It

Following on from last week's post about job hunting tips for introverts, we'd like to share this fascinating TED Talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy. Her research showed that our body language not only affects how others see us, but it also effects how we see ourselves. She studied "power posing" and what physiological changes [...]

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Job Hunting Tips for Introverts

Between one third to half the population is introverted. Unlike extroverts, introverts draw their energy from internal resources and find interactions with other people draining. This means parts of the job hunting process, like interviewing and networking, can be uncomfortable and exhausting for an introvert. But introverts shouldn’t feel at a disadvantage in their job [...]

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Try Something New for 30 Days

Is there something you've always meant to do, wanted to do, but just ... haven't? We're halfway through the year and for us here at TempsAhead, it means taking stock and tackling the second half of 2013 with even more gusto! To kick off July, the whole Headhunters and TempsAhead recruitment teams have taken on [...]

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Bad Resume Advice You Should Ignore

There’s so much resume advice out there for job seekers, just googling “resume advice” returns over 158 MILLION results. Yikes! Plus there are those pearls of wisdom from your mum, your dad, your professor, your neighbour, your old colleague… the list goes on.   Unfortunately most of the advice out there is either outdated or [...]

What is Your Mom Worth?

They say you can't put a price on love but can you put a price on your own mother? Well Salary.com thinks you can! Their annual Mum Salary Wizard let's you calculate just how much all your mom's work is worth based on real salary data. From a survey of over 6,000 moms, they found that [...]

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5 Step For Dealing With Absenteeism

With Summer coming up shortly, it’s perhaps time to address an HR problem that often arises during warmer weather: Absenteeism. Data from Statistics Canada shows that on average, in 2011, full-time employees lost 3.7% of their work time each week due to absenteeism. Dianne Dyck, an occupational health and safety specialist, explained in this article [...]

Low Cost Employee Recognition Ideas

Most managers know that it’s important to recognize and reward great performance but not all companies can afford comprehensive bonus and incentive schemes. But money isn’t the only thing employees want, or even what motivates them most. Flexibility and growth opportunities are two of the most valued work benefits and they cost little to nothing. [...]

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Branding Yourself Online: The Basics

  Investing time in building a ‘Personal Brand’ online can seem intimidating but it can lead to some incredible opportunities. Just take a look at Anthony De Rosa or Piper Weiss. De Rosa was a relentless social media news machine through his Twitter feed and Tumblr, in addition to his regular day job as Product [...]

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Why You Should Care About Employer Branding

Employer Branding: just another thing to put on that never-ending list of things to “look into later”. But like a product brand, your Employer Brand is being established, changed and talked about whether you like it or not. Because a brand is not a concrete object, it’s perception. An Employer Brand is the perception of [...]

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Stories of the Week

Happy Friday! Time to get your weekly roundup of what happened in hiring and job search this week: Newly appointed Pope Francis is probably the most notable 'hiring' announcement this week. Our own Stephen Race was asked what businesses might learn from the Vatican method for electing new CEOs. With many parts of Canada in [...]

What To Do When Your Star Employee Quits

If you manage teams for long enough, it’s bound to happen to you at least once, probably more. You have a great team that’s performing well and a star employee you nurtured under your wing. And then he quits.   It’s business of course, nothing personal. He gets headhunted (sorry!), or perhaps just wants a change of [...]

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Oh How You’ve Changed

  Managing change in 2013 is a different ball game from ten years ago. Failing to carefully communicate and manage change in your workforce can mean facing a PR nightmare. This year we’ve seen HMV have their twitter hijacked by disgruntled employees during a mass firing, and an internal Yahoo! memo leaked the unwelcome abolishment of working-from-home benefits. The [...]

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Big Shoes to Fill

This Sunday is the 85th Academy Awards and Seth MacFarlane will be taking on one of the toughest gigs in tinsel town: Oscars Host. This will be MacFarlane’s first turn as host, following in the footsteps of Hollywood heavyweights such as Hugh Jackman, Billy Crystal and Bob Hope. As a temp, you’re expected to hit [...]

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Show your employees a little lovin’

Valentine’s Day has us all feeling the love so why not spread the good vibes around your employees?   Here’s a few simple and long-lasting ways you can show your employees you love them.   Let them work on something they love Just like Google’s 20% time, giving your employees time to work on what [...]

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Zeroing in On Your Dream Job

Guest post by Heather Magee     When in the midst of job hunting, many of us try to maximize our opportunities, applying for any role that seems applicable. Especially if you’re in between jobs, having been laid off, or choosing to leave your previous employer because you were downright miserable. There’s a certain sense [...]

Stop and Smell the Successes

  Our President, Cam Macmillan, recently shared a poignant message with the team to stop and take stock of our year: One really useful activity I have done over the past years is to take an in-depth review of the past twelve months.  Doing this in December really gets me to understand just how much [...]

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Are You The Office Grinch?

Rudolph or Santa? Elf or The Grinch? There’s a slew of quirky Christmas characters we’ve come to know and love, but have you met their workplace counterparts? We take a fun look at some of the office stereotypes with a jolly twist! Rudolph   A pioneer who lights the way forward, ignoring the ridicule of [...]

Top 10 Overused Buzzwords on LinkedIn

As 2012 counts down we start to see some interesting and entertaining 'year in review'-type lists. One of our favourites is LinkedIn's Buzzwords list! Scouring the 187 million profiles of its members, LinkedIn compiles this annual list of the most (over)used professional buzzwords. View last year's list here. For the second year in a row, [...]

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In Defense of Temps

We love our temps. But sometimes they get a bad rap; fighting the stigma that temps are only unskilled seat warmers who man the front desk while the receptionist is sick. Gone are the days where being a temp was just about answering phones and smiling politely (although there is still plenty of that!). Today’s [...]

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Women In Leadership Spotlight on Ioana Bucsa

The Women In Leadership (WIL) Foundation featured our very own Ioana Bucsa in their latest Spotligh feature. In addition to being one of our incredible consultants in our Vancouver TempsAhead office, Ioana also volunteers for WIL as a Human Resource Coordinator. Ioana's dedication to helping others advance their careers is just one of the many [...]

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Turn Your References into Job Search MVPs

References can be some of your most valuable players in your job search but are often an afterthought for job seekers. Your references can either make your application sizzle or fizzle, so why aren’t you giving them a little more TLC? Here are our tips to enlisting a stellar lineup of references so that they [...]

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TempsAhead Turns 1

We're turning 1 today! One year ago the TempsAhead teams in Edmonton and Vancouver were born and we're thrilled to have helped so many people in the past 12 months. TempsAhead was created as a temporary and contract recruitment division of The Headhunters. It was a deliberate separation to ensure that we had a dedicated [...]

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7 Ways to Tank a Phone Interview

It might seem like it is “just a phone interview” but it is a very important step in the way a company assesses your application and your fit for the role. It can increase your chances in getting an in-person interview or end your application all together. You prepare for an in-person interview, so why [...]

10 Creative SlideShare Visual Resumes

In this digital age job seekers have a wide range of useful tools at their fingertips to help them stand out from the pack. One of our favourite alternatives to the traditional resume is a SlideShare visual resume. SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations. Users can upload a presentation and easily share it [...]

Recent Placements

The TempsAhead team have been busy, busy, busy! Here are just some of the many and varied roles we've been filling lately: HR Generalist, Maritime Shipping Payroll Coordinator, Architcture Controller and Acting CFO, Oil & Gas Executive Assistant, Construction Receptionist, Financial Services Accounts Payable Specialist, Asset Management Junior Coordinator, Children's Foundation Intermediate Accountant, Mining Inside [...]

The Four Parts of an Interview

Learning proper interviewer techniques should be vital to your recruitment strategy. Having untrained interviewers can cost you reliable information and insights and lead to bad hiring decisions further down the track. The flip side is candidates rightly see interviews as a chance for them to assess an organization and a bad interview experience can cost [...]

Welcome To Our New Website and Blog

TempsAhead has just launched our new website! And with our new website, we are also launching the TempsAhead blog. We'll be covering all the latest tips, trends and advice for job seekers and employers alike. Here you'll find our best practices for your job search, including resume advice and interview tips. Our Employer section will [...]

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Free Workshop: How To Get Hired

HOW TO GET HIRED: FREE JOB SEEKER WORKSHOP, EDMONTON Want to know how to stand out from hundreds of resumes? Ever get tongue-tied during an interview? We're offering a FREE workshop for Edmonton job seekers to help you stand out from the crowd. Don't resign your job search to the rejection pile! Get practical advice [...]

What Is First Impression Error?

Research has indicated that interviewers make decisions about candidates very quickly, in fact in the first 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes. This tendency to make initial judgments, positive or negative, about a candidate in those first few moments is called ‘first impression error’. After that first impression is made, most hiring managers will then spend [...]

9 Resume Pet Peeves

When you're reading through hundreds of resumes, certain missteps can mean the difference between making the shortlist or the rejection pile. Our Headhunters share some of their resume pet peeves that can land your application in the shredder.   1. Objective Statements Firstly, let’s clarify we’re talking about those statements which sound something like this: [...]