Your weekly roundup of the what happened in the world hiring and job search this week:

  1. The latest chapter of the National Household Survey is out; an interesting snapshot of Canada at work. Most people are moving north and west for jobs!
  2.  Another SCC decision was released in regards to random alcohol testing. An important read for those dealing with collective agreements.
  3. On a similar note, the Washington Journal looked at the recent trend of companies offering alcohol in the office.
  4. For the bold job seeker: here are 7 real networking and job pitch emails that dared to be different (and worked!)
  5. And if you’ve had a bad week at the office, just be glad you didn’t get held hostage at work like this guy.


Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Canada Day! Our offices will be closed July 1 but will reopen on July 2.


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