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Explaining You Were Fired In An Interview

9 out of 10 times an interviewer is going to ask you the reasons for leaving your last job, so it pays to prepare and rehearse how you’re going to answer when the question pops up [...]

How To Make Your Cover Letters More Effective

At times, it is the personal touch of a cover letter that really impresses the team. Here are some of the cover letter tactics that have impressed us over the years.

Hope For Canada’s Economy In 2016-2017

Hope For Canada’s Economy In 2016-2017
Week by week, Canadian business owners have had a tumultuous 2015. Between the federal election, oil price roller-coasters, and foreign economies impacting our own, Canada’s performance can seem to get lost in these ‘big picture’ narratives. Thankfully, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published a report recently that breaks down […]

Top Stories of the Week

Your weekly roundup of the what happened in the world of hiring and job searches this week […]

New Year, New Ideas For Onboarding + FREE Onboarding Guide

Research suggests that within six months, four-fifths of new hires will decide whether or not they will stick with an employer. By implementing some new onboarding techniques, you can make significant gains on these unwanted statistics [...]

Make 2016 The Vision That You Desire [VIDEO]

A new year is a time of self-reflection and goal-setting. So how do you envision your future and your career in the best possible terms? Patti Dobrowolski leverages the discoveries of neuroscience to argue that you can live the life you desire [...]

Wake Up! Sleep Deficiency Is Impacting Your Productivity

Research from Ceridian indicates that 15 percent of workers who arrive bleary-eyed believe it does not affect their work performance [...]

Happy Holidays From The Headhunters & TempsAhead

As 2015 draws to a close, we would like to thank you all for being part of a very memorable year. We are so thankful for the support of all of our partners and feel very fortunate to work with so many exceptional candidates and clients.

Etiquette Tips For Foreign Workers In Canada

Etiquette Tips For Foreign Workers In Canada
Canadians are famously polite. For a new citizen, permanent resident, or skilled foreign worker in Canada, this is not always a good thing.  You see, some Canadians are too polite to tell a foreign worker that they have made a misstep in the workplace. That’s why we are happy to […]

Body Language To Improve Your Interviews

Body Language To Improve Your Interviews
Award-winning author, James Borg, maintains that the most accurate way to gauge feelings, attitudes and emotions is through analysis of body language. So, to convince people—especially people we are meeting for the first time—that what we are saying is really true, we cannot allow our body language to devalue our […]

Three Ways To Enhance Your Job Search Ettiquette

Three Ways To Enhance Your Job Search Ettiquette
While setbacks in the final round of interviews are gut-wrenching, the recruiter or hiring manager, when asked, will likely tell you where you could improve in the future. Such feedback, however, is a benefit of making it to the interview stage. But what about improving the earlier stages of your applications? […]

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Fit Employees: A Perfect Fit For Productivity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fit Employees: A Perfect Fit For Productivity
It is a generally accepted truth that employees who look after themselves are good for business. People who eat sensibly, don’t smoke, and exercise regularly are less likely to miss work due to health problems. In fact, employees who engage in regular exercise at work may actually be more […]

Trick or Treat? Employees’ Halloween Celebrations Gone Wrong


Halloween has the potential to be the perfect bridge between summer and Christmas workplace festivities. Candy, decorations and silly costumes! What more could you ask for to lighten the mood around the office? Well, for a few misguided individuals, the traditional approach wasn’t enough and they found themselves in serious trouble in the workplace…

Reckless Halloween […]

How to Close the Skills Gap with Employee Cross-Training

How to Close the Skills Gap with Employee Cross-Training
If you are a business owner who struggles to replace outgoing employees because your candidate pool falls short of the required skills, you have a very Canadian problem. In recent years, this “skills gap” has been a hot topic, not least during the federal election. Among Justin […]

From Our President: A Shout Out To My Business Partner


I’m so proud of my business partner, Danielle Bragge, that I wanted to share the news about the incredible work she is doing in Nicaragua. Currently Danielle is leading a group of fifteen ladies to work with an orphanage in one of the poorest places within the country.


Danielle and her team, including Recruitment Consultant Azelda […]

9 Tips To Ace A One-Way Video Interview

Video interviews are becoming an increasingly popular medium for conducting interviews. They can be ran either in real time, a.k.a a live interview, or be recorded with pre-set questions asked, a.k.a a one-way interview. As virtual interviews are relatively new, they still remain a foreign concept to many job seekers. However, their usage is likely to […]

Canada’s Human Resources Innovators

Canada’s Human Resources Innovators
At The HeadHunters we dedicate ourselves to finding candidates that fit our clients’ culture as well as the job descriptions they are hiring for. While our specialty is recruitment, we are often impressed when other Canadian companies think outside of the box to innovate their HR processes. Inspired by Great Place To […]

As Canadians We Have Plenty To Be Grateful For This Thanksgiving

“In a world darkened by ethnic conflicts that tear nations apart, Canada stands as a model of how people of different cultures can live and work together in peace, prosperity and mutual respect.” – Bill Clinton

What a wonderful quote to usher in Canadian Thanksgiving, encapsulating a self-image that many Canadians embrace. These words are Bill […]

Top Stories of the Week

Top Stories of the Week
Here is what happened in the world of hiring and business this week:

Sweden has revealed it is pushing forward with plans to implement a standard 6-hour work day. Some companies across the country have already started the practice & say it works.
The  Friday beer fridge is about much more than beers, it is […]

The 10 Job Skills You Will Need In 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The job market is evolving at a rapid pace. Literally overnight some jobs are becoming redundant, while new industries are being born. Across the world technology, globalization and shifting demographics are having a profound impact on the kinds of jobs available. Consequently new skills are required for the emerging vocations.


The below infographic from The Top […]

How To Ensure Remote Workers Are Valued and Connected

Research published in a 2012 MIT Sloan Management Review article indicates that companies with remote workers usually benefit from the set-up, while the actual telecommuters often draw the proverbial short straw. Indeed, companies reduce real estate costs significantly by allowing staff to telecommute; and the diminished headcount in-house allows managers to focus on those employees […]

Stories Of Creative & Quirky Job Applications

Sometimes the competition for a job can be so intense that candidates go the extra mile to get noticed during the application and interview process. In our industry we often come across great stories about the unusual ways people have applied for jobs, here’s some of our favourites:

(Just remember, if you get inspired and want […]

Join The Headhunters Team

The Headhunters and TempsAhead are looking to grow our Vancouver team. If you are a high performer who is looking for a company that will take your career to the next level, we’d love to hear from you. We have a number of exciting opportunities, see below for more details or email for more information.
What […]

How to Manage Career Development Action Plans

Work-life balance, salary, and culture all contribute to the retention of your top employees. But at some point, as many careerists will tell you, ambition may tempt your most talented assets to search elsewhere when internal opportunities run dry. At such times, career development action plans (CDAPs) are a useful way to channel employees’ ambitions […]

Techniques To Help You Manage Workplace Stress



Stress affects job performance. The odd stockbroker or Formula One driver might say that they thrive on it, but for most people stress is exhausting. Typically when people get stressed they find less pleasure in their work. Furthermore, Sun Life Insurance reports that stress is a major contributor to employee absenteeism. Clearly, no-one benefits when employees are […]

Company Values In Action

As a values based organized we are incredibly passionate about running our business by them, using them as a compass to make decisions and infusing them in our everyday actions to create our culture. We love to hear stories about other companies operating with this same ethos as they inspire us and remind us of the […]

A 3-Step Process To Keep Your Technological Skills Up To Date


Technology, especially business software, evolves quickly and dramatically. In just a few years we have seen applications such as Dropbox, Google Docs and Skype for Business become essential to many industries. What is more, in 2013 some of the world’s most familiar software programs such as the Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative suites, implemented cloud-based systems known […]

How To Gather Feedback From An Exiting Employee

Traditionally known as an exit interview, the process of gathering feedback from a departing employee has evolved to also include written surveys and unstructured conversations. Regardless of the format you choose, the knowledge you acquire from the process can be used to improve your business and ultimately increase employee retention. Furthermore, by tracking the data over time you […]

5 TED Talks To Inspire You In Business & Life

We love TED. True to their mission they deliver many ideas worth spreading. Below we have compiled for you a list of 5 TED talks to challenge your way of thinking and encourage you to trial a new way of doing things.


1. Nilofer Merchant – Got a meeting? Take a walk.

Nilo Merchant presents the […]

The pros and cons of different office designs [INFOGRAPHIC]

The office environment can have a significant impact on an employee’s motivation and therefore it is important the space is designed for productivity. Before choosing the finer details of your office such as wall colour, plants and art, you need to choose the layout of your desks and work stations. The design you opt for […]

Ask A Recruiter: How do I turn a temporary role into a permanent one?

In this week’s Ask A Recruiter, we answer a frequently asked question by our candidates: “How do I turn a temporary role into a permanent one?”


We asked TempsAhead Manager, Ioana Bucsa, to offer some advice to candidates looking to make this transition and gain greater job security – 


With the job market changing so much in the past […]

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A step-by-step roadmap to create an employee wellness plan

A recent report on the health of Canadian employees confirmed that workplace wellness programs are associated with significant bottom line benefits:

11% higher revenue per employee
1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year
For every $1.00 spent on wellness programs, medical costs fall by about $3.27 and absenteeism costs fall about $2.73

With statistics such as these, and the many other benefits of having healthy […]

The Art of Attracting and Retaining Talent for Maternity Leave Coverage

When an organization is faced with a maternity leave coverage, there are always a lot of questions that come up:

Do we really need a replacement?

Should we hire for the same type of skillset or maybe bring someone more or less experienced?

How far in advance do we need to bring someone in?

All these are great things […]

22 Tips to Make Networking Less Awkward

Networking can be an awkward experience even for the well initiated. Here are 22 quick tips to freshen up your networking skills and make it more fun and fruitful:

Set yourself networking goals, e.g. “I will meet 5 new people tonight”, “I want to have a meaningful conversation with John Smith”
Take a buddy with you if […]

4 Interview Tips to Ensure You’re Hiring the Right Person

Finding the right person for the job means doing more than just finding a resume that fits the job description. An in-person interview is one of the most crucial steps in a hiring process and the goal shouldn’t just be to determine if their skills noted on their resume are true. During the actual interview, […]

How to be a Likeable Interviewer: Why it Matters to You and Your Brand

Much has been written about the need to give a good interview. If you want the job, you must excel in the interview. Proper body language, doing your homework on the company, asking good questions . . . all great advice. But we don’t often see advice for the interviewer.

I interview countless people as a […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Employee Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”
– Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup

Most leaders agree that investing in your employees is key to achieving long-term success. We often talk about employee engagement and employee experience, but what does that mean in practical terms? This infographic from BrilliantInk walks through 10 ways you can improve […]

How Do You Rank When It Comes to Onboarding Temps?

Recently, I was told about an organisation who really invested in their onboarding approach, and not just for permanent employees, but for an intern who was on a short term assignment. It made such a positive impact on the intern that their positive feedback filtered back to the market and proved to be a great […]

Five Phone Interview Tips for Employers

When first starting the hiring process, employers typically review resumes, create a shortlist and contact applicants for interviews. It seems like an extra step, but a valuable method for expediting the process is through initial phone interviews with promising applicants. This preliminary screen by phone gives employers the opportunity to distinguish better qualified candidates and save time later on […]

How to Qualify a Job Opportunity

So you’ve decided to make a move or perhaps the decision has been made for you in the form of a layoff – either way – you need a new job.

Candidates will often come to recruiters with a high sense of urgency, saying their work environment has changed, and they need out. This change can […]

5 Tips for Better Resume Screening

A little extra care during resume screening can ensure your efforts are spent on only the most fitting applicants down the track. Don’t waste time poring over piles of irrelevant resumes when you can take a more pointed approach.

Below are five tips to assist in resume screening and ensure those that reach the next stage are worth the effort.
1. […]

The Common Characteristics of Gen X Managers

Generation X is an age group we don’t hear much about anymore, but in the pre-Millennial world, Gen X was all the rage. You were either Gen X or you were just like everyone else. Now that the Boomers are heading off into retirement, Gen X managers are quietly taking over their ranks. But what […]

Will Multitasking Become the Un-Buzzword of 2015?

It seems that one of the must-haves that many employers desire, may not be such a desirable after all. Recently, I read an article in Inc magazine by Travis Bradberry, titled The Real Harm in Multitasking. Interestingly, the next day I came across a similar piece by Peter Bregman in HBR, How (and Why) to Stop Multitasking. […]

9 Resolutions for 9 of 2015’s Biggest Workplace Trends

As an HR professional, 2015 is going to be a continually evolving landscape. To help you succeed in the year ahead, CareerBuilder have released their 9 Resolutions for 9 of 2015’s Biggest Workplace Trends (full report below).

Among the top trends, technology and employer brand feature heavily in the changing landscape. Below is a quick snapshot at the […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Get Promoted

An eager employee asks how to get promoted –

I have been at my job for 18 months and have always been a hard-working team member and received good performance reviews. I work for a fairly large organization and it’s not uncommon to receive promotions after only a year or so but my manager hasn’t mentioned anything to me about […]

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When Do You Have Power to Negotiate?

When it comes to salary negotiations, not all positions are created equal. However, the payoff can be considerable. In a study of new graduates it was found that those who negotiated were able to increase their starting salaries by 7.4 percent on average.

While there can be a strong case to negotiate in most circumstances, knowing […]

Millennials at Work: What They Really Think

With millennials soon poised to make up the majority of the workforce, Bentley University conducted a study into how millennials approach work. They polled more than 1,000 U.S. individuals aged 18 to 34 and their findings both reinforced and challenged some of the popular stereotypes associated with this generation. 
Key Highlights from Study Findings
Below are some of the key […]

What Employees Want in an Ideal Workplace  

Business owners are frequently coming to us with the same struggle: hiring and retaining the best of the best. As the employer you need to be active and engaging to keep top performers content. Here are some of the things that top the list of what employees want from their ideal workplace, so that you […]

Ask A Recruiter: Mentorship in the Workplace

In this week’s Ask A Recruiter, we look at internal mentorship programs as a low cost, yet highly beneficial way to improve retention and productivity.


A manager wrote to us with this turnover dilemma –

“I manage a fairly sizeable team and we’re having a real retention issue with our entry-level employees. We have a very rigorous training program, […]

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Why it’s Essential for Companies to Embrace Mobile Recruiting

With more and more individuals incorporating mobile technology into their day-to-day lives, there has become a constant need for online services to adapt to mobile consumption trends. Aside from entertainment, and social media sites, there has been a slower adoption rate among businesses to understand the importance of mobile recruiting.

The State of Mobile Recruiting
What’s in your […]

Join Us at the 2014 Productivity Summit

The Headhunters and TempsAhead are proud to be sponsors for the upcoming 2014 Productivity Summit by Productivity Alberta. The Productivity Summit is the first in what will be an annual event by Productivity Alberta, providing industry and organizations from across Alberta and Western Canada the information and inspiration they need to continue building on their productivity improvement performance.


The […]

Qualities to Look for When Choosing Between Recruiting Agencies      

Choosing a recruiting agency for your company can be a tough decision. The talent hired through an agency directly impacts the future success of your team. Here are some things to keep top-of-mind when it comes time to choosing a recruitment partner:


It’s hard to put your trust in an agency without a proven track record. When […]

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Ask A Recruiter: How to Re-Enter the Workforce after an Extended Break

A senior-level job seeker asks us about re-entering the workforce after an extended break:
In 2003 I was a top Telecom Executive. At that point, for personal reasons, I decided to step away from corporate life and do other things which would allow me to deal with my young family’s needs. I myself was fairly young (early […]

Decoding Common Interview Questions

We’ve all been through an interview process or two, and some of us have heard similar questions in multiple interviews. So, why do all employers ask these questions to candidates? What are they looking to get from the answers? Here are some popular interview questions broken down, and some suggestions on what interviewers are looking […]

Danielle Bragge: EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Finalist

We are so excited to be cheering on our very own Danielle Bragge, Co-Founder of The Headhunters and TempsAhead, as she joins 33 fellow entrepreneurs at tomorrow nights’ EY Entrepreneur of the YearTM 2014 Prairies Award. Danielle has long been a very active business and community leader; previously being named one of the Top 100 Women in Business in Edmonton and nominated […]

The Essential Employee Onboarding Checklist

On-boarding employees can be a difficult task if you are not properly prepared. This employee on-boarding checklist will keep you organized during the process and ensure that your new hires get integrated into the workplace quickly. Be sure to review the checklist in full and then return to it during the on-boarding process to help […]

Encouraging Employee Development is Essential to Retention

One of the top reasons that cause employees to leave a job is the lack of opportunity for growth. This could pertain to a number of things. Perhaps they are not qualified for the position they eventually want, but they may feel as though their company isn’t trying to help them succeed. Or maybe they […]

11 Incredible Reasons Why Having Friends At Work Is Important (INFOGRAPHIC)

Having office buddies not only makes work more fun but it affects your bottom line as well! When coworkers get along not only is morale boosted, but engagement increases and retention is higher.

This fun infographic from Officevibe shares 11 incredible stats that prove that having friends at work is great for business!

70% of employees say friends at […]

How to Look Past a Candidate’s Interview Skills to Find the Best Fit

Over the last two years, the global economy has started to bounce back from a recessive period. While the Canadian employment rate hasn’t hit pre-recession rates yet, things are headed in a decidedly upward direction.

That being said, the realities of a down-on-your-luck job market have left behind some lingering side effects, most notably, a phenomenon […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to hold onto top candidates in a “hot” market

Over the past few months the TempsAhead team have been seeing a big shift in the market. With the unemployment rate decreasing, more and more quality candidates are being snapped up at a much quicker speed. In temporary recruitment, mere minutes of delay can mean losing your top choices to competitors.

But it’s not just temporary and […]

Employee Motivation: Why it’s About More than Money

Unlike machines, human beings are emotional creatures who fuel their creativity, insights, and best work efforts with their feelings. Much like an athlete who is motivated and ready to win the game, a motivated employee is going to be more satisfied and happy at work, feel closer to their peers and the company, and be […]

How to Tell if You’re Working in a Dead-End Job

No one wants to be stuck in a dead-end job. When you go to work you want it to be with purpose, dignity, and above all else the chance to have your talents recognized. However, not every job is the one that will lead you to future success. If you’re stuck in a dead-end job […]

The Math of Sales Recruiting

Do recruiting services seem too expensive for your budgets?

My first question to you would be: What is the average length of time that it takes you to fill your vacancies?

I do work with a few accountants who have lead multi-national corporations to unprecedented growth and shareholder value.  They will attest to the fact that I […]

Building an Effective Talent Pipeline    

Building a talent pipeline helps you gain a deeper understanding of people that join your company and spend less time trying to look for candidates to fill your open positions. With the right practices, you can create a pipeline that benefits both your company and the candidates that you are considering for your open positions. […]

Ask A Recruiter: Creating a Professional Personal Brand

A job seeker asked us about personal branding and how to leave a lasting impression  –

I keep hearing about how important it is to “build your brand” these days. But every time I read about personal brands and the empires built around them, it’s usually in reference to Kim Kardashian – not quite the brand I’d like to emulate!! As […]

Why You Need a Razor Sharp Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent acquisition is a complex process; it’s never just about filling open positions. Organizations that employ it as a strategic endeavor scrutinize every element of talent at their disposal and are better placed to identify and address skill shortages enabling them to meet growth objectives. They integrate the pre-hire stages of an employee life-cycle, right […]

Screen for Employee Retention Potential During a Candidate Interview

Employee retention isn’t just about incentives and benefits; reducing turnover goes way back to the hiring stage.  Hiring the wrong employee is costly.  The expenses involved in replacing a new employee are, on average, approximately one-third of their yearly salary.  Replacing senior level employees increases the costs significantly, while replacing a CEO could cost millions.  […]

How to Make the Most of Social Recruiting

Undoubtedly, social media has become one of the most fascinating phenomena of the century. Social media has touched practically all facets of life from marketing down to employment. According to a 2013 Jobville Social Recruiting survey, an astounding 94% of recruiters already use or plan to use social media in their marketing efforts. Even more impressive, […]

Ask A Recruiter: Reaching Out to Unauthorized References

A hiring manager wrote in with a question regarding references –
My industry is pretty tight knit and I’m pretty well-connected.  Often, when I interview candidates it turns out I know people they used to work with.  Is it okay to reach out to them and learn a little about the candidate? 

We asked Senior Recruitment […]

Different Types of Recruiters in Vancouver You’re Likely to Encounter

One morning your phone rings and the caller says they are a recruiter with an exciting job opportunity that you might be interested in. Fantastic!

But did they just mention that they are a certain type of recruiter? Perhaps you’ve never considered that they can be different? Well, there are about five types of recruiters who […]

The Canadian State of Diversity in the Workplace

In the modern workplace one key area that you have to consider in your hiring practices is the element of diversity in the workplace. Canada has a very diverse and dynamic population. As an employer you have much to gain by taking advantage of that. Diversity in the workplace not only makes for a more […]

Why Talent Assessment is a Crucial Part of the Hiring Process

The hiring process involves a series of steps designed to screen out unsuitable applicants and choose the best candidate for the job. A growing number of companies are utilizing talent assessment, also called pre-employment assessment, to determine whether or not an applicant is a good fit for the job. These assessments help predict a candidate’s […]

Ask A Recruiter: Knowing when to hire and delegate

A client asked us a question about appropriate interviewing times that hinted at a larger issue  –
Is it unreasonable to ask for candidates to come in for interviews between 7pm and 9pm? I’m the President and Founder of an extremely busy and fast-growing tech company, we desperately need to hire but it’s hard to fit […]

Top 5 Questions about Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting agencies are organizations that can be extremely helpful for people that are looking for a job as well as employers that want to easily find top talent. The best recruiters act as matchmakers that connect people with jobs that they are best suited for, which saves time and energy for everyone in the process.

Here […]

The Headhunters Co-Founder Named EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

We’re proud to announce that Danielle Bragge, Co-Founder of The Headhunters Recruitment Inc, has been selected as a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the YearTM 2014 Prairies Award.


Entrepreneur Of The Year celebrates the contribution and spirit of entrepreneurs everywhere. The Canadian program is in its 21st year of honouring the country’s most impressive entrepreneurs […]

How Your Social Media Profile Can Impact Your Job Search

When you are looking for a job, you make sure everything is perfect to impress future employers. For example, your resume is perfect, your references are on speed dial and you’ve even picked the outfit. Unfortunately, what you may not realize is that the personal things you enjoy doing may have unintended consequences. One Facebook post, a […]

5 Organizational Change Management Tips

Change is a fact of life and an essential part of doing business. In today’s fast moving and highly competitive environment, the only way businesses can remain profitable is by changing to adapt to emerging realities. Organizational change management involves careful planning and implementation after thorough consultation with, and involvement of, the people directly or […]

How to Find the Right Fit for Your Corporate Culture

What are the qualities that you want in a candidate when looking to fill a position in your organization? Normally educational qualifications and work experience rank top of the list. And then you want someone who is willing, committed, honest and passionate about their work. During the interview, every candidate tries to project the message that […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Ask for Time Off

A young professional asks us about taking time off in the summer  –


This is my first full-time job after college and I’m not sure what the proper etiquette is for asking for time off. I work in a large office and lots of people in my department have booked in their vacations already.  I have […]

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Are Long-Term Employees a Thing of the Past?

New research has shown that the average tenure for a Canadian worker is under two years. Workopolis mined data from over 7 million work history records, comparing job tenures from 1990-2000 and 2000-Present.


From 1990 through 2000 the number of people staying at their jobs for less than two years doubled from 16 percent to 33 […]

Ask A Recruiter: Struggling with job searching as a senior executive

A senior executive asked for advice on handling job search at a high level –


As a senior level marketing executive, I have found myself on the job market after 8 years with my former company. I have 30+ years experience in marketing with many notable achievements to my name. My last three roles have all […]

What is an Employee Engagement Strategy?

Employees are considered the biggest assets of a company. Sadly, only a small percentage of employees are truly engaged in their work. According to the report “2013 Trends in Global Employee Engagement” by Aon Hewitt, only 60% of employees are “engaged” in their work worldwide. The rest are either non-engaged or disengaged. Since the growth […]

What You Need to Know About Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Recruitment agencies can have different roles in different countries. In this post, we’ll be breaking down what you need to know about working with recruitment agencies in Canada – from what fees apply, to what service they provide.


Employment agencies exist for three main purposes:

Assist employers with recruiting fitting employees.
Match job seekers to employer positions.
Test or […]

Have You Really Thought About the Work Culture You Want?

I once had a boss walk into the office the morning before the first day of school and ask for the team’s brief attention.  She proceeded by saying “I don’t expect to see anyone in here until after those kisses, and pictures are all taken, and your children are settled in to their classrooms.”  Can […]

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The Cost of Recruiting New Employees

Behind every successful business is a talented team.

This is true of everything from mom-and-pop shops, to highly dynamic start-ups, all the way to large corporations. Consequently, there is one strategy that is consistent across all industries and types of business: hiring the right people.


But finding new employees who will thrive in your environment and make […]

11 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Recruiter Negotiate

You either love it, or you hate it and will avoid it like the plague. Negotiating job offers with potential new hires can be tricky, especially in our competitive Canadian marketplace.


A recent survey found that 20% of Canadian executives have seen an increase in the number of counter offers their company has made in just […]

Ask A Recruiter: Are you neglecting your brand when dealing with temporary and contract employees?

In this week’s Ask A Recruiter, we tackle a hidden brand killer that most companies overlook: how you train and treat your temporary and contract employees.


We asked TempsAhead Manager, Ioana Bucsa, to explain why failing to explain your brand to temporary employees and treat them like your regular permanent team, can hurt your business – 


Any company […]

Your Guide to the Selection Process for Recruitment

Welcome to your back-to-basics guide to the recruitment selection process!

In recruitment, selection is the process of identifying the right applicant to fill an open position. It involves filtering though candidates who are a good fit and rejecting those who aren’t. During the process, useful information about the applicant is collected (usually in a series of […]

13 Resume Do’s and Dont’s

When it comes to submitting your resume to a recruiter, you have to keep in mind that we receive literally hundreds of resumes in a given month.  That’s a lot of reading material! So keeping your submissions concise and engaging will get the attention you’re seeking.

With that said, there is no silver bullet when it […]

Key Takeaways from the Winnipeg Leadership Panel

Yesterday, we hosted our Leaders Breakfast Panel: Leadership for the Future in Winnipeg. It was a inspiring way to kick off the day with a full crowd in attendance. Our speakers – Mariette Mulaire, Marc Albert, Michelle Manary and Stephen Race – all participated in a thoughtful discussion about leadership with some very valuable insights.

Here […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Start Succession Planning

A company President asks us how to start succession planning  –

I started my own business 9 years ago, we’ve grown and become quite an established and successful player in our niche market. I’m very proud of what my team and I have achieved; it’s been my life for the past 9 years. But recently I’m feeling […]

What Job Seekers Should Consider When Looking for Employee Recruiters in Vancouver

For many people in Vancouver, a recruiter is the perfect resource to obtain that perfect job at the perfect company. However, not all recruiters are the same and it is not always easy to get noticed by the best ones. In order to find the best recruiters Vancouver has for you, you should consider the […]

How to Attract Employees Who Will Make an Impact

The job market is tough; not just for job seekers, but also for companies that are seeking stellar employees to fill their ranks. The competitiveness of the recruitment process can make finding the best talent for your company seem like an indomitable task. To help you with this, we are going to provide you with […]

Why Hire a Corporate Headhunter to Find Your Next Employee?

Looking for a job can be difficult. But finding the perfect and most qualified person to fill the job in your company can be even more challenging. Hiring the right people is vital to a company’s success; you’ll need a pool of experienced and trained individuals to handle the hiring process and look for people […]

Essential Skills That Employers Are Looking For

Are you hoping to land that perfect job just out of college, or are you about to begin your search for new employment after years in the same job?

If so, take a look at these essential skills employers are looking for in top candidates:


A deep awareness and understanding of your particular field

Learn as much as […]

Ask A Recruiter: Take Advantage of Your Recruiter

Often we find that employers aren’t leveraging their recruiter relationships to their full potential.


In today’s Ask A Recruiter, we asked Monica Lewicki, our Sales Recruitment Consultant in Edmonton, to answer that silent question that hiring managers don’t ask often enough “How do I make the most of my recruiter?” –  


When you have an appointment […]

How to Interview to Find the Best Fit for the Job

After you have narrowed your list of applicants down to the few whose resumes are up to par, it is time to start preparing for interviews. This is one of the most, if not the most critical part of the employee search process, so you should do whatever you can to conduct the best interviews […]

Find the Right Recruitment Agency in Edmonton

Are you currently trying to find the right recruitment agency in Edmonton but are stuck in the process? It doesn’t have to be difficult to find an agency that can work with your unique requirements. All you need are a few tips on how to find the ideal recruitment agency for you. Read on to […]

No Degree? Some Jobs to Consider..

The Headhunters President, Cam Macmillan, was quoted in today’s Financial Post article discussing job prospects for people without degrees.




Getting a university education usually translates into a higher paying job. But if you don’t have a degree, don’t despair. According to a recent study by, a job search engine, a few listed professions pay […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Successfully Onboard in 1 Hour

A hiring manager asked us about how to onboard when you’re strapped for time  –

Onboarding seems like a daunting process that I just don’t have time for in my busy organization.  Is it really necessary?  What are the basics that I can do without spending all my time on it?


We asked recruitment consultant Georgia Harper for her […]

6 Employee Retention Strategies that Will Help You Keep Your Talent

Once you have hired talented employees for your business, the next step is to apply employee retention strategies so that you do not lose any of your best assets. It requires a considerable amount of effort and strategy to keep your employees happy and working effectively for your business.

We share 6 employee retention strategies that […]

4 Essential Methods for Hiring Top Talent

If you want to hire the best of the best when it comes to your industry, you have to know the essential methods for doing so. To  hire the best employees, you have to think creatively and strategically.


The following are the 4 essential methods for hiring top talent for your business:


1. Tell your applicants and […]

Ask A Recruiter: Job Hunting as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner

A job seeker asked us how to overcome some of the hurdles entrepreneurs and business owners face when they decide to begin a job search  –

I am a young entrepreneur who is currently in the process of separating from co-ownership of his company. Having only one job prior to working for himself, my concern is […]

What to Consider before Changing Careers

It seems as if today everyone is talking career change, but is it right for you? There are a number of things to consider before changing careers, questions to ask yourself, here are just a few of them –


What are my strengths?

Your current job may no longer be challenging you, or you just no longer […]

How to Recruit Employees Effectively

Although it may seem straightforward, there’s more to recruiting employees effectively and successfully than just sorting through resumes. It’s easy to hire someone to work for you, but it takes a bit more effort and strategy to find the best fit for your workplace. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Goal Setting

Ok, we’re nearing the end of February, so how is everyone doing with their new year’s resolutions? Do you even remember what they were??


If you’ve lost track of your goal progress, don’t be discouraged! Let’s take a moment to look at those goals and make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.


Follow these do’s and […]

Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you wake up 3 hours before work?

Do you exercise aerobically at least four times per week?

Do you make your children volunteer at least 10 hours per month?

Well, some of the world’s wealthiest people certainly do. In this infographic from NowSourcing, the habits and traits of the world’s richest people are on display.

While adopting these habits […]

Define Yourself as a Leader

Guest post by Lisa Martin

There is no single, definitive way to be a RockStar Leader. You can certainly learn by example but trying to adopt someone else’s leadership style will never work in the long run.

I’m a huge believer in defining your own leadership brand. I get how odd and disconcerting it may feel to […]

Ask A Recruiter: I am out of work; I can be a temp, right?

When you’re out of work and looking for a new role, you’ll often hear from others “why don’t you just do some temporary or contract work?”

Here at The Headhunters, we also run a temporary division called TempsAhead, so it’s very common for job seekers to ask us to consider them for temporary work as well […]

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Canadian Hiring Trends for 2014

As a Canadian employer, you are faced with many challenges when it comes to attracting top talent. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Every challenge is also an opportunity to shape a better workplace for the future. Let’s take a look at some of the top hiring trends you should keep an eye on […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Set Up Informational Interviews

A job seeker asked us about how to set up informational interviews  –

“I’m often told ‘informational interviews’ are a great way to get your foot in the door or find out more about a potential career. But how do you even start setting them up? Is there a certain etiquette to follow? Do I just […]

Top 10 Overused LinkedIn Profile Buzzwords of 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Creative has been overthrown, there’s a new king buzzword in town! After two years at the top, LinkedIn users are still using “creative” a lot on their profiles but not nearly as much as they are using the word “responsible”.

LinkedIn’s annual buzzword study looks at the profiles of some of their 259 million members worldwide. […]

Ask A Recruiter: Writing Effective Job Advertisements

A hiring manager asks for some advice on job postings –

How can I write an effective job advertisement?  I am getting people who are really under qualified and really cannot do the job I need them to do.  This is a huge investment of time for little to no return.


We asked Lily Brewer, one of […]

Quick and Crucial Health Tips for the Office [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here in our office, healthy living is a big part of our culture. So much so that it’s actually one of the four core pillars of our company – Business, Charity, Family, Health. Giving priority to employee’s overall health and well-being not only provides great social benefits, it affects your bottom line too. Healthy employees […]

Top Stories of the Week

Here’s what happened in the world of hiring and employment this week:

Planning on a long-term career in social media? Doubtful. A study by Workopolis shows social media jobs will become obsolete in 10 years.
New research suggests that posting your religion online could cost you that job.
INSEAD’s new Global Talent Competitiveness Index provides an interesting look into […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Change Industries

A candidate asks about how to start a career in a new industry  –

I’ve been working in the Finance industry for 9 years and would be considered a ‘top performer’ in my field. I’ve enjoyed regular career progression and promotions but I’m starting to tire of the industry and can feel myself burning out. I […]

Top Stories of the Week

Here’s what happened in the world of hiring and employment this week:

Seems like we’ve got a lot to smile about! Canadians are the happiest employees in the world according to a new global report.
Canadians have no qualms with packing up and moving inland. The latest figures from BMO show that the number of Canadians migrating […]

4 Holiday Hiring Secrets

I want to share a secret with you: the holiday period is the perfect time to poach talent from your competitors. Perhaps that’s not really keeping with the festive spirit of this time of year, but it makes great business sense.

Let me share why…


1. Top performers are more open to headhunting calls 

We’ve seen it time and […]

Recommended Reads for Leadership

In our recent Leadership for the Future breakfast panel in Edmonton, our audience were keen to know what leadership books our panelists recommend.


So, without further ado, here is the leadership reading list recommended by our panel of experts – Monica Norminton, Lori Schmidt, Robert Huizinga, Chris Hayman and Stephen Race. Please share any of your […]

Ask A Recruiter: What’s the best way to give notice and leave on good terms?

A candidate asked how they should give their notice and leave on good terms –


I’m very excited about a new job I’ll be starting in three weeks but I’m nervous about resigning from my current job. When I submit my notice it will come as quite a shock to my direct report and colleagues; what […]

What Relocation Costs will an Employer Cover?

What help can you expect from a new employer when you’re relocating for the job?


Our President, Cam Macmillan, was asked to weigh in on the topic of relocation costs in Business in Vancouver’s Ask the Experts, below is a snapshot of what he had to say:


Many of our clients will cover some if not all […]

Is Your Hiring Process Scaring Away Top Talent?

Happy Halloween readers! Today we’re dedicating this post to all the things that go bump in the night hiring process. Your hiring process is one of the first contact points potential employees have with your company and heavily affects your employer brand.


How you treat candidates during the hiring process is often a fair indicator of […]

Ask A Recruiter: I’ve hired a temp, what now?

An employer asked us about what the next steps were after you hire a temporary employee  –

I just hired a temp to take over while our Receptionist goes on holidays for two weeks. I’ve never hired a temp before and I’m not really sure what the usual protocol is for what to do when they […]

5 Major Recruitment Myths Busted: Job Seeker Edition

Recruitment is an intricate business, with lots of moving parts and people’s careers on the table. It’s the reason why we love it so much and care deeply about holding ourselves to the highest standards.


But because it’s a bit of a mystery to many people how recruitment firms work (and there are different types of […]

Ask A Recruiter: Should I include my side business and blog on my resume?

A multi-talented job seeker asked about how and if she should include her side business and blog in her resume –

I graduated a year ago with a marketing degree and have been working as an Admin/Marketing assistant for the past 8 months. My employer is great but there’s not a lot of room for growth […]

Top Stories of the Week

Here’s what happened in the world of hiring and employment this week:

It was a rough week for Blackberry who announced on Tuesday they were laying off staff in Waterloo, and then on Thursday announced it was closing it’s Bedford, N.S. office and cutting 350 jobs.
Sticking with the tech market, Vancouver-based Hootsuite held a hiring open-house which drew in […]

The Headhunters Ran for the Cure

The numbers are in and a big thank you to all our Run for the Cure teams who helped raise over $8,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

Each of our three offices in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver, registered a team to participate in the CIBC Run for the Cure.  In total, 49 staff members and their friends and family joined […]

Top Stories of the Week

Here’s what happened in the world of hiring and employment this week:

In the continuing Skills Training Program saga, the provinces are threatening to boycott the training program unless the federal government overhauls it.
Gen Y are even harder to retain than we thought, 60% of Millennials leave their dream job (or what they thought was their […]

15 Small Business Tips to Hiring Rock Star Talent

Today marks the start of “Small Business Month” around the country. And one of the biggest challenges of small business is hiring; how can you lure the cream of the crop away from the prestige and perks that large corporations have to offer?

This Slideshare presentation from LinkedIn walks through some of the best practices Small […]

Ask A Recruiter: I was told to follow up once a week

There’s a lot of bad career advice out there and unfortunately this job seeker was on the receiving end of some –

I was at a career fair they told me that I should follow up with recruiters at least once a week to make sure that I’m “top of mind”. That seems a little excessive […]

Run for the Cure Fundraising

We’re so proud of our Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver teams who are all working hard to raise funds for the CIBC Run for the Cure!

It’s been all about BBQs and Bake Sales in the name of breast cancer research!



If you’d like to donate to any of our teams, just click the link below:

Headhunters Edmonton
Headhunters Winnipeg
Headhunters […]

Top Stories of the Week

Here’s what happened in the world of hiring and employment this week:

According to a new BMO poll, nearly half of Canadians are in their ‘dream job’.
But are we turning up to these ‘dream jobs’? Studies show that absenteeism is on the rise. And women have higher absentee rates than men.
You may have noticed in this […]

Leadership: Going from Good to Great

We’ve all met those leaders in our lives. Men and women who surpass being just ‘good’ leaders; and instead live, breathe and inspire greatness in others.


But what makes a leader go from good to great?


Joel Peterson, Chairman of JetBlue Airways, recently shared in this LinkedIn post four core principles that he believes mark the difference […]

Ask A Recruiter: Will taking on temp work interfere with finding a permanent job?

A job seeker asks if taking on temporary assignments will interfere with their permanent job search  –

I’m currently unemployed and want to work, but a permanent job is my ultimate goal.  I want to say yes to temporary opportunities for the experience and money, but what if my dream permanent job comes up in the […]

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What Recruiters Look for on Your LinkedIn Profile

All our consultants use LinkedIn to source and research potential candidates. And it’s not just us; a survey by Jobvite found that over 93 per cent of respondent companies use LinkedIn for recruiting.


Unlike most other social media, the majority of LinkedIn users don’t use and update their profile regularly. Our recruitment consultants are on LinkedIn […]

How to Optimize Recruitment for Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s been forecast that by the end of the year there will be more mobile devices than people worldwide. And with the improvements in smartphone technology, people are doing more and more from their mobile phones.. including job hunting!

The below infographic from Zao suggests why and how to optimize your recruitment for mobile.


70% of job […]

Top Stories of the Week

Here’s what happened in the world of hiring and employment this week:

A new report from CIBC World Markets confirms what we all thought: too few students are choosing to study high-demand fields.
But for those already employed, the workforce is increasingly optimistic according to a survey released by BMO.
Folks in Alberta have more to smile about […]

Ask A Recruiter: Industry Experience vs Performance

A business owner asks what’s more important when hiring sales people: industry experience or performance?  –

When it comes to hiring sales reps, what do you think is more important: industry experience or passion and proven sales capability regardless of industry? Of course it’d be great to have both! But what have you found is a better […]

LinkedIn Etiquette: 20 Do’s and Don’ts [INFOGRAPHIC]

LinkedIn is an essential job search tool for today’s job seeker. It’s ideal for personal brand building and nurturing your professional relationships.


But just like all social networks, LinkedIn has it’s own unwritten rules of etiquette that users tend to follow. The below infographic from Top Dog Social Media lists 20 of their top Do’s and Don’ts […]

Anatomy of a Great Resume

Do you know what makes the difference between a good and a GREAT resume?

Unfortunately most people settle for ‘good enough’ when it comes to their resumes. But to really stand out from the pack, we dare you to settle for nothing less than greatness!

Below is our breakdown of what makes a truly great resume.
(Click image […]

Ask A Recruiter: What traits make a good remote worker?

A business owner asked us about what to look for when hiring a remote workforce –

As a small business owner, I’m looking at taking that next step of adding a few sales and support staff to my business. But due to the nature of the business and for cost reasons, they would be working almost purely […]

Ask A Recruiter: Top Job Interview Questions Employers Ask

A job seeker wrote in with a question about interviews –

I’m a bit curious.. As recruiters you probably conduct hundreds of interviews, so it had me thinking – are there any common interview questions that people often answer badly? I consider myself a pretty good interviewee but my recent string of rejections had me wondering […]

Top Stories of the Week

Stay in the know with what happened in the world of hiring and employment this week:

The Premiers joined forces yesterday to oppose the proposed Canada Jobs Grant.
It turns out there were big discrepancies in the May job figures. The previous record 95,000 new jobs could really be as low as 8,500.
Following several high-profile lawsuits in the U.S., […]

10 Social Media Tips for Your Job Hunt [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that recruiters often screen social media profiles? Social media can boost your job search and help you stand out in a competitive market for the right reasons! Below is an infographic from Reed Marketing & Creative with their top 10 tips on how to be social media savvy in your job search.



How to Interview like Google

How many golf balls can fit into an airplane?

How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle?

How many times a day does a clock’s hands overlap?

These are the kinds of impossible brainteasers that Google’s interview process used to be famous for. But no longer!


Laszlo Bock, Google’s Senior VP of People Operations, recently […]

Top Stories of the Week

Your weekly roundup of the what happened in the world hiring and job search this week:

Canadian employment was little changed in June according to the latest government figures.
Some good news for foreign workers in Ontario – the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s (OHRC)  announced the requirement for “Canadian experience” in the hiring process is discriminatory in […]

What Are Your 3 Keys for a Great Hire?

When we talk with clients, one exercise we always do is get them to define their “3 keys”. The 3 key attributes they believe a candidate needs to have to be successful in the role they’re hiring for.


The 3 keys can be things like industry experience, technical skills, education or certification requirements, certain personality traits, […]

Ask A Recruiter: Why don’t I hear back from employers when I send my resume?

We continue to get many questions from job seekers regarding their resume. The biggest question is “why don’t I hear back from employers when I send my resume?” Below are immediate changes you can make to your job search to ensure a call back. (Please note we have not covered the obvious mistakes like spelling […]

The Glowing Introduction Technique for Networking

Guest post by Gayle Hallgren-Rezac

A Glowing Introduction™ is a technique that all good networkers and connectors use.  Most people take the easy way out and say things like: “This is Jasmine, we work together.” or “This is my better half.” (Seriously, do people still say this?  Yes, they do, and it’s cringe-worthy.)  Instead of these lacklustre ways to […]

Time for a Mid-Year Business Review

Where does the time go? 2013 is halfway over and summer is finally here! And while it’s tempting to ditch our suits for sunscreen and hit the beaches, July is the perfect time to review the first half of the year and reassess your plan of attack for the rest of the year.


Most businesses will […]

Top Stories of the Week

Your weekly roundup of the what happened in the world hiring and job search this week:

The latest chapter of the National Household Survey is out; an interesting snapshot of Canada at work. Most people are moving north and west for jobs!
 Another SCC decision was released in regards to random alcohol testing. An important read for those […]

What Makes an Employee Happy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rewarding and retaining good employees isn’t just about salary increases and holiday bonuses. In fact, according to research compiled by Yast, as many as 80% of employees surveyed indicate that they stay with their current employers simply because they like their work!


Ask A Recruiter: Will I lose top performers if I don’t offer flexible work?

An employer asks us about the pitfalls of not offering flexible work in today’s job market –

I am a manager at a large reputable company, often recognized as an employer of choice. We have wonderful staff and often attract top talent from across the country. However, we are very traditional in many ways. Our employees […]

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Top Stories of the Week

Here’s the Friday roundup of the what happened in the world hiring and job search this week:

Do you use your third eye to channel innovation? Well you may have been a good fit for Lululemon’s joke job posting for a new CEO.
Looking for a new job? Try Saskatoon! A new survey revealed the best and worst […]

One Simple Way to Heat up Your Summer Job Search

Job hunting in the summer can be a real drag. It’s hard to stay focused on trawling job boards and sending out resumes when the sun is shining outside.


But here’s the good news – you should STOP doing that!


Our biggest tip to summer job seekers is to GET OUTSIDE.


One of the most unused, and […]

Best Practices for Conducting a Phone Screen Interview

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone we brought in to interview was a real “A” player? That may be a bit of a hiring pipe dream but it’s closer than you think. Phone screening is a great way to vet your candidate shortlist but it’s an extremely underutilized part of the recruitment process.


An hour of […]

Business Lessons Learned from the Fall of House Stark

Game of Thrones is undeniably the talk of TV land as its fans reel from the latest shocker episode, The Rains of Castemere, last Sunday. The beloved House Stark was dealt a brutal blow in the show famous for its duplicitous plot twists where Seven Kingdoms vie for ultimate rule.


Spoiler Alert: Do not read this […]

Top Stories of the Week

Your weekly roundup of the what happened in the world hiring and job search this week:

Forbes has just released it’s annual Top 100 World’s Most Powerful Women. Can you guess who’s #1?
Who would have thought shipping your pants to an ad agency would get you an internship? Well it certainly worked for one lucky student!
It’s […]

New Hires: Sink or Swim?

Last week we wrote about a new employee’s first day on the job. But what about day 5? Day 30? 90? 6 months? 1 year?


Beyond that initial orientation, most managers throw their new hires into the deep end with a ‘sink or swim’ mentality. “You’ll pick it up as you go along” or “just ask […]

6 Things You Must Do On A New Employee’s First Day

Being the new kid on the block sucks. Everything is new – the building is new, the people are new, the culture is new. A new hire’s first day can be intimidating and overwhelming. Your job, dear supervisor, is to reduce all that confusion and anxiety as much as possible and set your new hire […]

Ask A Recruiter: Job Hunting as a New Grad

You can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job. Ever hear that saying? For new graduates looking for that first job, those words strike fear in the hearts of the unemployed.

We’ve received a couple of emails lately from new grads asking for advice to help land that elusive first job.


Below […]

Top Stories of the Week

Your weekly roundup of the what happened in the world hiring and job search this week:

The April employment numbers are out; Canada added 12,500 jobs last month, with gains in the manufacturing sector.
A timely reminder for job seekers to beware of online employment scams.
CareerBuilder have released a study showing the true cost of a bad hire […]

Asking Your Company to Pay for Training

For most people, asking your company to pay for training and development falls under the “awkward conversations I wish I could avoid” umbrella.

But asking for training shouldn’t be as scary as you think. For starters, most employers expect  these conversations and a reasonable manager isn’t going to penalize an employee for simply bringing up the […]

How to Decline Leave Requests


Summer is peak season for vacation requests and if you’re one of those managers who has leave forms piling up on their desk, you might find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to decline a few. So let’s brush up on some managerial etiquette on how to diplomatically decline leave requests.


1. Establish the Business […]

Top Stories of the Week

Get your weekly roundup of the what happened in the world hiring and job search this week:

CareerBuilder and EMSI released a list of the 10 Fastest-Growing Temporary Jobs in Canada.
New research shows that it only takes job seekers 50 seconds to evaluate a job posting.
Did you know there are only four jobs in the whole […]

The Workplace Zodiac: Understanding Collaboration [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fruitful collaboration in the office seems to happen like magic, but really it takes the right mix of individuals to enable a productive team. This infographic from Mindjet takes a look at eight common personalities in the workplace and the network of support they provide for each other.

Which member of the Workplace Zodiac are you? […]

4 Famous People Who Reinvented Their Personal Brand

These days we are constantly hearing how important it is to build a personal brand. Establish yourself as a thought leader, carve yourself a niche, it’s all great in theory… but does it really work? We take a look at four professional heavyweights who have not only done it once but TWICE.

The below four were […]

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Ask A Recruiter: I Think I Low-Balled My Own Offer

A job seeker wrote in concerned she low-balled her own offer –

I just came out of a second interview.. with an offer. But I completely bombed the salary negotiation! My interviewer said they wanted to offer me the position and asked what salary range I was looking at. I gave him a range that I […]

Top Stories of the Week

Get your weekly roundup of the what happened in the world hiring and job search this week:

The Canadian job market has taken an unexpected tumble, losing 54,500 jobs in March, the worst loss in more than four years.
News doesn’t seem to be much better in States. Even MacDonald’s is requiring a bachelor’s degree and two years’ […]

What Employees Want

It’s not money. Well, it’s not JUST money. Beyond satisfying a basic level of financial comfort, money becomes a decreasingly important factor when choosing an employer.


As the economy pulls out of the downturn, many companies are boosting their hiring efforts in 2013. In Canada, there are large parts of the country that are already in […]

Generational Gap Series: Managing Different Generations and the Entry of Generation Z

We’ve spent the last three weeks exploring the different generations at play in the workforce; now it’s time to figure out how to possibly manage and accommodate them all. We’ll also take a sneak peek at what Generation Z is shaping up to be like.


If you want to recap, you can read up on the […]

Ask A Recruiter: Chronological vs Functional Resume Formats

A job seeker wrote in asking about chronological vs functional resume formats: 

As I’ve been looking for work for just over 6 months now, I am at the point where I’m considering changing the format of my resume from the traditional chronological format to a functional format.

I’d like to highlight my experience and accomplishments first and list […]

Top Stories of the Week

Happy Friday! Time to get your weekly roundup of what happened in hiring and job search this week:

If you’re a young job seeker looking for career advice, there’s lots of voices out there. The folks at YouTern made it easy with their Top 50 Blogs for Young Careerists list.
Australia has opened up international applications for 6 […]

Generational Gap Series: Generation Y in the Workplace

Following on from Baby Boomers and Gen X, this week we look at the most talked-about generations in the workforce: Generation Y.

GENERATION Y / MILLENIALS (Born 1979 – 2000)
Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are making up more and more of the workforce every day. It is predicted that by 2020 they will comprise over […]

Stories of the Week

Happy Friday! Time to get your weekly roundup of what happened in hiring and job search this week:

Newly appointed Pope Francis is probably the most notable ‘hiring’ announcement this week. Our own Stephen Race was asked what businesses might learn from the Vatican method for electing new CEOs.

With many parts of Canada in a candidate […]

4 (out of 17) Ways to be Happier at Work

Respected sales blogger Geoffrey James recently wrote a post suggesting 17 ways to be happier at work. It’s a great list and worth the read when you have the time.


Meanwhile, we’ll take a look at four which really stood out and our own takeaways from it.

1. Don’t compare yourself to others.
Everybody, and I mean everybody, starts […]

Generational Gap Series: Generation X in the Workplace

Following on from the Baby Boomers, this week in our Generational Gap Series we take a look at Generation X; sometimes referred to as the ‘misunderstood generation’.

GENERATION X (Born 1965 – 1980)
This relatively small generation is playing an interesting role in today’s workforce. Currently in their 30s and 40s, most Gen Xers are feeling comfortable […]

Ask A Recruiter: Following Up After An Interview

A job seeker asks about following up after an interview: 

I don’t know what to think of this and whether I should follow up –

I had an interview last Wednesday for a job and it seemed to go well. It went for about 50 minutes, I had great rapport with the interviewer and I think […]

Generational Gap Series: Baby Boomers in the Workplace

During the month of March we’re taking a look at each of the generations in the workplace in our Generational Gap Series. Find out what characteristics are typical of each generation and the most effective way to manage them.


Over the next four weeks we’ll cover four installments:

Baby Boomers in the Workplace
Generation X in the Workplace
Generation […]

The Headhunters on CTV: Hovering helicopter parents just can’t let go

We were asked by CTV News to weigh in on the topic of ‘Helicopter parenting’. Headhunters Managing Partner, Greg Ford, was featured in the news segment which aired on Friday, March 1. He spoke about overzealous parents who are intervening in their child’s job search and careers, even to the point of waiting outside the […]

Stories of the Week

From everyone throwing Marissa Mayer under the bus to the best office Harlem Shakes, it’s a rollercoaster ride this Friday with our top stories of the week:

New trend shows older Canadian workers are finding success in second careers.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock it was hard to avoid the working world backlash to Yahoo’s […]

7 Hiring Red Flags to Avoid


Typos in the resume, late to the interview, these are some of the common red flags we spot in potential new hires. But have you sat on the other side of your own hiring process? Is it setting off any red flags and scaring away top talent?

To a job seeker, a company’s hiring process can […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Handle Gaps in Your Resume

I’m nervous about a job interview I have soon. I have an eight month gap on my resume and I just know it’s going to come up. The reason for the gap is quite involved and personal; one that I really don’t feel like explaining in great depth to an interviewer. So should I just […]

Stories of the Week

Happy Friday! For your reading pleasure, here are our hand-picked top articles from around the web this week –


Congratulations to all the companies that made the list of Canada’s best diversity employers for 2013 – Globe and Mail
A recent study showed women are more willing than men to learn new skills outside of their current […]

Ask A Recruiter: Informing and Preparing Old References

A job seeker asks us about one of the most over-looked parts of your job search: reference checks.


I was asked to provide at least three work-related references for a job I’m applying for. I have past supervisors who agreed to act as references when I originally left their respective companies, but two are from quite […]

Stories of the Week

Here are  some of our top picks from this week’s stories in the world of hiring and job search –

The hot topic of random Drug and Alcohol Testing, especially in Alberta and New Brunswick is coming under judicial scrutiny – Mondaq
An upcoming Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn film looks like it a 2 hour recruitment […]

Zeroing in On Your Dream Job

Guest post by Heather Magee



When in the midst of job hunting, many of us try to maximize our opportunities, applying for any role that seems applicable. Especially if you’re in between jobs, having been laid off, or choosing to leave your previous employer because you were downright miserable. There’s a certain sense of urgency when […]

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Ask A Recruiter: Answering the Salary Question

A job seeker asks us how to answer the most dreaded interview question –

I have read so much conflicting advice about how to answer the most dreaded interview question – “What salary are you looking for?” Some people suggest avoid saying anything at all until the interviewer says a number first but that seems quite […]

Stories of the Week

In case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in the world of hiring and job search –

Canadian employment fell for the first time in six months in January. – Bloomberg
Fancy a career change? Here’s 10 In-Demand Jobs That Pay At Least $100,000 you may want to consider – Business Insider
Embrace failure […]

Ask A Recruiter: How should I dress for an interview?

A job seeker asks about what to wear to an interview –


I currently work in a very casual dress workplace (think jeans and a t-shirt). I’m about to interview for a more traditional ‘corporate’ workplace and not sure what to wear. What would you consider appropriate business interview attire for a woman? Should I wear […]

Stories of the Week

It was a bit of a bizarre week in the world of hiring this week! Here are some of our top picks –

The most surprising new hire this week has to go to Blackberry, who named Alicia Keys it’s Global Creative Director – CBC
HMV staff live tweeted their mass firing from the company account in […]

Ask A Recruiter: How to Stay on a Recruiter’s Radar

A job seeker ask us –

How do I know I’m ‘top of mind’ with a recruiter? Sometimes I’ll see jobs posted that I am qualified for but won’t receive a call or email saying I’m being put forward. 


When you’re working with a recruiter, one of the most important things we like to remind job seekers […]

Stories of the Week

Friday’s arrived and just in case you missed them, here’s our top stories of the week from the world of hiring and job search!

Employee poaching: Steve Jobs was not a fan! – Mashable
House cleaning? Gym memberships? What’s workers’ most wanted perk? –  CareerBuilder
Feeling lonely? Research suggests loneliness is bad for your health and your job […]

Ask A Recruiter: Are reference checks worthwhile?

A hiring manager asks us about reference checking:

I don’t really see the point in conducting reference checks. From the reference checks I’ve conducted they’ve provided a good reference but the candidate hasn’t performed as expected, leaving me to wonder if the reference was lying or even real. So, my questions is, are reference checks really […]

Stories of the Week

Happy Friday! Lance Armstrong and #Teoing aside, here are our top stories of the week in the world of hiring and job search.

Wall Street was swept up in the purported ‘best cover letter ever’ by finance student Matthew Ross – Business Insider
Do you know the difference between the best talent in-the-market and the best talent […]

Ask A Recruiter: How do I rescue my resume?

We review hundreds of resumes daily and are constantly asked by job seekers what improvements need to be made to rescue them from the rejection pile.


So for today’s Ask A Recruiter we’ve collected our top tips to rescue your resume from some of the most common pitfalls.


Resume needs to “SELL” not “TELL”.
If you include an objective, put […]

13 Employee Referral New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The new year means lots of New Year’s Resolutions. As a busy employer it’s easy to have your focus drawn away from recruitment and referrals. The team over at Zao  have put together 13 simple resolutions for employee referral to help you build stronger teams for 2013.

If you want help building a stellar lineup for […]

Top 10 Most-Read Employer Blog Posts of 2012

We’ve already taken a look at what job seekers read on the blog, now it’s time to see what employers found most interesting. It was a pretty tight race for the top spot, but beating out Top 3 Resume Lies by a whisker was Holiday Bonus: Do’s and Don’ts.

Here’s the full Top 10 list of […]

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Top 10 Most-Read Job Seeker Blog Posts of 2012

It’s been a big year for The Headhunters Blog and we’re taking a look back at some of the most popular posts of 2012. We’ve been happily doling out advice and tips on everything from how to sanitize your social media presence to what’s the best sport for networking.


But topping the list this year (and riding on […]

Ask A Recruiter: How do you detect if a candidate is over-selling themself?

A hiring manager writes:

One issue that we are having is people we interview over-selling themselves.  Our last two hires both had a number of issues.

One came from an agency (not yours) and said that she could handle a project from beginning to end.  She was an intermediate at best and we let her go. 

One came […]